Have you been to Iris.com lately?

August 1 2008

Thanks to Greg Walrath for this one ...

Image:Have you been to Iris.com lately?

Besides the fact that Iris was just cool, I wonder what is going on here. You would think that Iris.com would point to notes.net or devworks or at least Lotus or IBM ... hmmm

6 Responses to “Have you been to Iris.com lately?”

  1. 1) Ed Brill says:

    Why? Iris as a company doesn't exist anymore. It's like giving up the LOTS stock symbol. When the entity no longer exists, and the brand never existed in the market anyway, why would IBM retain any interest in iris.com?

  2. 2) Carl Tyler says:

    FYI your website is prompting for a twitter name and password

  3. 3) Richard Schwartz says:

    Yep. Still prompting me, too. Noticed a couple of days again.

  4. 4) Julian Woodward says:

    Five years to do something useful with it:

    > Domain Name: iris.com

    > Created On: 03-Jun-1991 00:00:00

    > Expiration Date: 02-Jun-2013 00:00:00

    I see Ed's point. On the other hand, Ed, Iris IS a brand in the minds of some people, otherwise this blog post wouldn't exist. So why not point it somewhere? Maybe Lotus itself, or perhaps { Link } ?

  5. 5) Julian Woodward says:

    PS. John - that Twitter prompt is annoying.

  6. 6) John Head says:

    Yes yes, I know about the Twitter prompt. No idea what is going on. I will look at it tomorrow.

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