Going to Lotusphere 2011? Use Social Networks (Twitter, Facebook, etc.)? Please read

January 24 2011

So the holidays are over. The sports games are mostly done for the next two weeks. And as many of the readers of this blog prepare for the warmth of Orlando and Lotusphere 2011, I have a request. Please, pretty please - go to Twitter, Facebook, FourSquare, Gowalla, and anything else that assigns your account with a picture - and please put a picture of your face as your avatar. Not a group shot. Not of your kids. Of you. And something fairly recent - or something that looks like you. This way, when people see each other, they can connect the on-line personality with the real life person in front of them.

You can change them on Friday, February 4th to anything you want. But for a week or so, please - make the avatar a picture of you. Many thanks.