Gartner’s The Top 10 IT Altering Predictions for 2014 and why you should care

October 14 2013

CIO posted an article last week covering Gartner's The Top 10 IT Altering Predictions for 2014. The list has a few things that does apply to the readers of this blog. Let's look at the list:

  1. Mobile Device Diversity and Management
  2. Mobile Apps and Applications
  3. Software Defined Anything
  4. Smart Machines
  5. 3D Printing
  6. The Internet of Everything
  7. Hybrid Cloud and IT as Service Broker
  8. Cloud/Client Architecture
  9. The Era of Personal Cloud
  10. Web-Scale IT

I find the list a bit self-predicting. Much of this is obvious. But what they say about #2 Mobile Apps and Applications is interesting:
Gartner predicts that through 2014, improved JavaScript performance will begin to push HTML5 and the browser as a mainstream enterprise application development environment. Gartner recommends that developers focus on creating expanded user interface models including richer voice and video that can connect people in new and different ways. Apps will continue to grow while applications will begin to shrink. Apps are smaller, and more targeted, while a larger application is more comprehensive.
Developers should look for ways to snap together apps to create larger applications. For the next few years no single tool will be optimal for all types of mobile application so expect to employ several. The next evolution in user experience will be to leverage intent, inferred from emotion and actions, to motivate changes in end-user behavior.

No matter if you are building on XPages, SharePoint,, or an open source technology, this should both resonate and help you focus. Buidling reusable applications that can tie together is going to be key. user experience matters. And 'no single tool will be optimal for all types of mobile application so expect to employ several' should inspire you to stay open minded.

A good read for your Monday morning.