Follow the Product Managers and Executives on Twitter - this is for Marie and Stuart :-)

February 7 2011

Before and during Lotusphere 2011, there have been some discussions about how to engage with the IBM Lotus Executives and Product Managers outside of the stage and event. There has been some discussion on if this is needed, and I get Ed's point, but it is always good to engage with folks on a regular basis. I thought it was very interesting that the IBM executives new to the social software team (i.e. Lotus) , Sandy Carter and Nigel Beck ( I love how his url directs to his page ), are both very active in social media with their own personal brands. You can even use Tungle with Nigel - the first IBM VP I have seen do that.

So to facilitate this interaction, and in Marie and Stuart's honor, I have created two public Twitter lists.

IBM Lotus Ask the Product Managers: A list for any IBMer who is a Product Manager in the Lotus space
IBM Lotus Executives: A list for anyone on the management team in the Lotus space

These are meant to grow over time, so please let me know if we are missing anyone. I will add them as soon as they are brought to my attention. Send @johnhead a tweet. Special thanks to Ed Brill and Chris Reckling for making suggestions on who to add yesterday!