Fantasy Football 2008 - A look back

January 4 2009

As we watch the first round of the NFL playoffs this weekend, I figured I would look back at my 2008 year of Fantasy Football. I was in three leagues and had various levels of success.

First, there is the PSC League:

Image:Fantasy Football 2008 - A look back

5 wins and 8 losses is not a good record. I got hit hard by drafting Tom Brady round 1 and never had a good QB all season.

And then the friend's league that has been around for years (I call this my money league it is the one league I put real money into):

Image:Fantasy Football 2008 - A look back

8 wins and 8 losses is .500 but I usually do better. I also drafted Tom Brady in my first round (had the first overall pick of the draft) and I got hurt hard on running backs - Willie Parker and Stephen Jackson. Just not my year.

Last, in the Geezer Gamer Brigade league, run by John "Greyhawk64" Roling:

Image:Fantasy Football 2008 - A look back

But that only shows you the final standing, not the results of the playoff ...

Image:Fantasy Football 2008 - A look back

Yes, I won the GGBFL SuperBowl, beating Declan Lynch. Declan did well to get into the SuperBowl, but this team was a bit too much for him

Image:Fantasy Football 2008 - A look back
Image:Fantasy Football 2008 - A look back

Philip Rivers came thru for me big time. I thought Baskett not playing would hurt Declan big time, but Washington only getting 1 point really balanced that out. The Chargers Defense had a great game and the Steelers just let too many yards and points for that to balance.

A fun year and I look forward to Fantasy Football in 2009, starting in September!

2 Responses to “Fantasy Football 2008 - A look back”

  1. 1) Mitch Cohen says:

    Congrats on the win, now here is the part I don't understand. Your fantasy team won, by beating the QB of the actual team you root for. Now I know you are going to tell me it all worked out because the Bears won { Link } so did you root against the bears in week 16?

  2. 2) John Head says:

    Good Question Mitch. I always root for the Bears, but do root for my players as well. It can make things difficult some weeks, but if you look at the point spread, Orton could have had a 27 point game, tying his season high in that league, and I still would have won. So I rooted for the Bears and for Orton to not get 5 TD passes - which isn't hard to do :-)

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