E3 Day 1 Highlights

June 2 2009

Here is a summary of E3 Day 1:

Nintendo Press Conference:

Sony Press Conference:


John's thoughts:

So most of the big announcements are done. Out of the five press conferences, I still believe Microsoft had the best. Nintendo's was far better than I expected, at least we got a real Mario game. Golden Sun for the DS looks amazing - but Metroid: Other M stole the press conference. The only trailer that this is in the ballpark of is the Star Wars: The Old Republic one from yesterday. Sony has a great lineup coming in the next year, but I was a bit underwhelmed. The PSP Go is better than I expected, but still not going to go there over a DS or iPod Touch. ModNation Racers looks so much better than LittleBigPlanet but the only game I see as a must have right now is Uncharted 2. No news of the PS3 slim or a PS3 pricecut - both considered the top two expected announcements.

The biggest thing that the media and myself walked away with was the casual nature of the Wii and the motion devices will be on every platform within 18 to 24 months. Yes, Nintendo has the games - but it needs third-party publishers to be taking advantage of the technology instead of just making shooters or property rehashes. Microsoft needs to get games out there that appeal to the casual user and kids. It has some, but needs far more. Sony - well, Sony needs to drop it's price and make sure all the cross platform titles run as well as the 360 - the list of ones that do not is too long.

I will add what I can over the next two days as reviews and hands-on demos hit the net.