Da Bears

September 13 2004

Thanks to the availability from one of my co-workers with season tickets (thanks Ken!), I went to the Chicago Bears game at Soldier Field in downtown Chicago. They played the Detroit Lions, and since I was born in Detroit, I tend to root for them often. So I was rooting for both teams, until I realized where our seats where. Section 101, Row 1, Seats 1 and 2. That's right next to the visiting team's tunnel and right near the north end zone. Otherwise known as hard core Bears territory and long time season ticket holder zone. You don't root for any team but the Bears there :)

The Bears lost due to turnovers and bad decisions of the quarterback, Rick Grossman, but 2 of the 3 touchdowns of the game where in our end zone. Great views! And on an amazing day of 85 and sunny, the eye candy was not all bad either! :)

But the real story of the day was what happened with Lions Center Dominic Raiola (number 51). Now let me tell you what happened:

As the Lions where coming off the field for half-time, number 51 ran by and SPIT on our row of 9 seats. Now, of course, there was some default booing, but these guys are supposed to be above that. NO CLASS. So, as half-time was winding down, the fans around the tunnel where trying to coordinate a massive spit back. It did not happen, but some of the hired field security (blue shirts) asked what was going on. They called their boss, and Bears folks came over and talked with our row. They approached the Lions administration that was at the game. Of course, number 51 denied it. And 6 of the 9 people (happened to all be guys) in our row were drunk. But still, low class. What ended up happening was the Bears had security come over for when the Lions left the field. At least 5 blue shirts, 5 red shirts (higher level security), a couple cops, and a bunch of Bears administration people. They even put some security in the stands. I guess they were worried about us throwing stuff or jumping onto the field. All that happened was number 51 showing his lack of class again by cursing at us.

Anyways, a great game overall, even if some drama was present. Some pictures:

Image:Da Bears

Image:Da Bears

Image:Da Bears

Image:Da Bears

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  1. 1) trey schultz says:

    I'm the biggest bears fan in the world and i would do anything to have the opportunity to sit in those seats! wow, what a great day it must of been. But, as a bears fan, I have to say the bears QB is REX Grossman, not rick. ha!

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