CU Keynote: Ed Brill

September 10 2007

Lotus Notes and Domino - A history, a future ... Ed Brill

  • 17 Years, 130 million users, 46,000 organizations
  • Notes 8 will have end user advertising, but do not expect big budget TV ads
  • First Notes release in a long time that users are pestering IT for a upgrade
  • IBM joins Community
  • Roadmap
                continued user oriented innovation
               calendaring ... i cal
               updated to-do and journal UI
               Lotus Quickr Integration
               SAP Integration
               Mac Beta in 8.0.1 ... Eclipse 3.4 required and not ready yet
               8.0.1 ... Domino Web Access "Next"
                        Dynamic interactive web client
                        modern user experience, web 2.0 update
                        DWA "Lite"
  • Notes 8.0.1 planned for "around Lotusphere"
  • Lotus Domino "Next" Plans
                Reduce complexity of managing Lotus Notes identities
                        not require Notes password authentication
                        simply Notes ID management
                        allow names to be managed in AD/LDAP
               Address storage costs
                        reduce duplicate attachment storage
                        reduce database size via new compression algorithms
                        address I/O bandwidth
               Improve quality of service
               This is just a peak of what is coming in "Next"
  • Roadmap ... 8.0.1, "Next" 2008/2009, "Beyond" 2009/2010
  • Real Business Value use By Real Businesses
                Notes gained share in 2006
                Microsoft's first share loss

Remember, all of this is "subject to change" of course when new stuff is talked about. Expect more news at the official Lotus Notes and Domino 8 launch event in New York City on Sept 18th and Lotusphere 2008.

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  1. 1) Bruce says:


    " Notes gained share in 2006, Microsoft's first share loss"

    Can you provide the source of the MS numbers? This could be very useful information.

  2. 2) Ed Brill says:

    The source is IDC's 2006 market share report. The numbers were published in InternetNews a couple of weeks ago:

    { Link }

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