Bringing some higher education to the PSC team ...

July 5 2012

As many of you have read, Mark Roden has joined the PSC team and will be part of the great Collaboration team. As we went thru the interview process, over lunch, Mark talked about his question at Gurupaloza and wondered if I remembered it. I actually do. Mark asked specifically how someone got to be on stage with us next year. Someone answered (It was either Carl Tyler or Andrew Pollack or Paul Mooney - neither of us could remember) told Mark to find a topic he was passionate about, start a blog, start speaking at local events, and pursue Lotusphere. Mark did exactly that. Now, I am not implying that working at PSC helps Mark get on stage at Lotusphere 2013, but his efforts got our attention for sure. Mark might have a PhD. in Chemistry, but his JQuery posts on his blog got our attention.

Welcome to the team Mark. Looking forward to working with you!

As always, yes, PSC is still hiring. We are looking for top notch XPages developers, SharePoint developers, .NET developers, Infrastructure Consultants (Exchange, Lync, Windows Active Directory) and more. You can find out open positions at Feel free to reach out to me if you would like to apply for any of those positions.

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