BP305: The Document Format Dance

January 21 2009

No matter your preference for OOXML, ODF, or PDF … the document standard requirements are going to become a fact of life for users of IBM Lotus Notes & IBM Lotus Domino in the next year. This sessoin will review the technical capabilities of all three formats and how they work with Lotus Software. We will check the format debate at the door and look at which format will provide you the functionality you need. We will then look at how you can generate all three documents from your applications using third-party tools and custom code. You will take home samples that allow you to export Lotus Notes data to OOXML, ODF, and PDF in LotusScript and Java – be prepared for a deep dive into code!

Swan 1-2 : Wednesday, 1/21/2008 : 11:15 AM to 12:15 PM

3 Responses to “BP305: The Document Format Dance ”

  1. 1) John Turnbow says:


    Thanks for your hard work. Downloading your presentations though does not work as everything comes out as XML. May be the way you are uploading, I don't know..




    The SilentDragon

  2. 2) John Head says:

    John - the slides are in ODF format. You need OpenOffice.org or Lotus Symphony. I just downloaded them from a fresh computer and had no issues

  3. 3) Michelle Snow says:

    John - I attended the Document Format Dance presentation at Lotusphere this year and really enjoyed it. Any word on when DocGen 1.0 will be available in OpenNTF? I just checked but didn't see anything with that name. I was able to find the other projects. My organization finally got an 8.5 test server and I wanted to check out your tool as well. Thanks for your efforts in this area.

    Michelle Snow

    Principal, Noblis

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