BP110: IBM Lotus Symphony and You - A Developer’s Perspective

January 21 2009

Lotus Symphony has matured quite a bit the past year, but are you taking full advantage of it in your own applications? This session will provide you the roadmap for integrating Lotus Symphony within your custom applications using the UNO API, Composite Applications, IBM Lotus Expeditor, OLE/COM, and the new LotusScript API that debuts with the current version of Lotus Symphony. We will walk thru each option, review the pros and cons of each, and build samples that demonstrate real-world usage. The session will end with an application that uses multiple integration techniques that you can take home and put to use straight away! This session is designed for those familiar with LotusScript or Java development.

Swan 1-2 : Wednesday, 1/21/2009 : 10 AM to 11 AM

Download the demo files here