Blogging from Enterprise 2.0: Lotus Knows Social Computing Session

June 16 2010

Here is my twitter stream (laptop battery was struggling) from the session that Kevin Cavanaugh and Chris Crummey gave yesterday at Enterprise 2.0:

  • in the IBM #lotusknows session at #e2conf with @lbenitez @edbrill @elsua and many more
  • oh @ccrummey on stage with @kevincavanaugh at IBM #lotusknows session at #e2conf
  • @ccrummey is demoing Lotus Symphony 3 Beta 3 at #e2conf - showing off Live Text with @edbrill name - searching connections profiles
  • @ccrummey showing off an IBM templates addin for Lotus Symphony 3 - why this isnt public I have no idea! #lotusknows #e2conf
  • #lotusknows that @ccrummey is showing off Project "Concord" live - first I have seen since Lotusphere2010 #e2conf
  • IBM Project Concord looks great - except for 3 rows of toolbars. edit the UI please :-)
  • IBM Project Concord is about collaborative editing - its not just another web based document editor #e2conf #lotusknows
  • IBM Project Concord has sections that can be assigned and co-authored #e2conf #lotusknows
  • RT  lbenitez Wow, @ccrummey just shared a file with Bart Simpson!
  • IBM Project Concord integrates with LotusLive Activities - ties assigned sections with comments for single click editing #e2conf #lotusknows
  • IBM Project Concord - editing is 100% real-time and live - and keeps a history of changes. No time delay. 100% web allows for that
  • IBM Project Concord has a browser toolbar that allows you to highlight text in a web page & place into a document automatically #e2conf
  • IBM Project Concord will go into managed beta in July, appear on LotusLive labs in a few months #lotusknows #e2conf
  • ibm mobility plans on 2010 - blackberry and nokia stuff coming soon and more for ipad/iphone #e2conf
  • @kevincavanaugh talking about IBM Project Vulcan now #e2conf
  • "IBM Project Vulcan vision is to build value throughout and beyond the organization" - @kevincavanaugh #e2conf #lotusknows
  • vulcan offers a blueprint for evolution of the portfolio with 4 principals - continuity, convergence, innovation and opportunity #lotusknows
  • @ccrummey showing IBM Project Vulcan demo #lotusknows #e2conf
  • so in both the IBM and Microsoft sessions I have been in, the "activity / news stream" or "river of news" was the focus #e2conf
  • @ccrummey activity stream / river of news = business inbox that goes beyond email - awesome definition #e2conf
  • IBM Project Vulcan is about interacting in context - replies to emails in the stream vs opening new email window #e2conf #lotusknows
  • IBM Project Vulcan demo being done from a browser - not a stand-alone rich client
  • IBM Project Vulcan has come a long way since I last saw it demoed at #ls10 - nice demo @ccrummey #e2conf #lotusknows

My thoughts:
  1. Project Concord looks great - and looks ready to be used in the real world. That is a big difference since Lotusphere 2010. I can't wait to play with this. I just hope they do some UI polishing before that.
  2. IBM Project Vulcan was a new demo for me - this is probably the same demo as shown at DNUG last week. It looks like great progress has been made since Lotusphere 2010, but not sure it's ready for any use at this time. Including inside IBM. That milestone is one I really want to hear about. And soon.
  3. Everyone at Enterprise 2.0, but IBM and Microsoft specifically, were pushing this activity stream / river of news concept. I know Facebook is a success, but I am surprised so many companies jumped in that bandwagon so quickly. For me, it is a very cluttered way to get updates. Interesting to see how this plays in the enterprise over the next 18 months.
  4. Enterprise 2.0 is not a customer event. And that is a huge problem. More on that later this week.