Being Treated like Italian VIPs

January 19 2007


Sarah and I went to our favorite restaurant last night, Osteria Via Stado. We have been there many times, enjoying the Italian Tasting Dinner. You get 4 or 5 selections of Antipasti (all you can eat), 2 pastas (again all you can eat) and then a main course. You can also select wine pairs for each course (from 15 to 50 dollars).

Thursday was special though. It must have been Sarah's VIP status with Lettuce Entertain You restaurants, or OpenTable VIP (take that Ed), but we got amazing service. At the end of the dinner, Executive Chef/Partner David DiGregorio came over and thanked us for coming. He asked if we had time for something sweet. We enjoyed a candied orange and a Chocolate Hazelnut Gellato. It was amazing.

If you ever are in Chicago and need a place to go, go to Osteria. We have taken Kat and many other people. We are talking about taking Ed and his foodie girlfriend there in Feb for the Chef's table :)