Bad News - No ILUG for me

May 18 2007

Well, the news is leaking, so I figured I better announce this myself. I will not be attending ILUG2007 next week as planned. A family member is going to need surgery next week that can not wait. Today was spent at the doctors ... dealing with insurance and all that stuff. The surgery is serious but not an emergency, so it has to be scheduled. It can also not wait until I get back. As much as this trip was something I wanted to do, family comes first.

I was really looking forward to ILUG ... my first trip to Ireland and I was also going to Malta to visit the Integra folks for some hands-on training. :( :( :( There is always ILUG 2008.

The good news is that it looks like my presentation is going to happen. For once, I was prepared and had my slides and demo done. We are going to go over things this weekend and I will let you all know Monday.

Special thanks to Paul and John and Denis of Integra for understanding. I hope everyone has fun next week!