Are you ready for some football?

September 21 2006

I know I am a bit behind, but football season has started. I love this time of year. Football (the American version) is a great way to spend time away from work ... excitement and energy. This year I am taking in more football than ever.

Fantasy Football

This time of year brings the world of fantasy football in to my life. I have been doing Fantasy Football since before it was online. A group of friends got together and started out when it was just paper and all that. These days its all online and easy, but we still claim to be originals :) We do a traditional draft .. meaning we get together, drink, trash talk, and pick our players via a grid on the wall. More fun than the online version. We have a keep league: meaning each player can elect to select a player from their team last year in the first round without anyone else being able to draft them first. This is much like the franchise player option in the NFL. I kept Larry Johnson of the Kansas City Chiefs. Priest Holmes had been my keeper for a couple years, but I picked up Larry last year as insurance. And good thing I did. Larry was rated as one of the top picks this year on all the sites. I got a pretty good team there, but so far they have not produced very well.

I am also in a league with PSC co-workers and another with a bunch of folks that John Roling put together. Rock, Sean Burgess, and others (including Jimmy from PSC). Not so sure I will do well in those leagues.

College Football

I have not been the biggest college football fan in the past, minus rooting for the Michigan Wolverines when they play (childhood allegences). Now that I am dating Sarah, I have become a big Illini football fan. Hey, besides being more football, I get to spend my Saturdays either in Champaign watching the games live (and the associated tailgating) or at our favorite bar ... sports, beer, and she approves! It can not get better than that. Only catch is that I have to wear Illini Orange into the stadium in Ann Arbot in 2008.


I definitly enjoy spending time on Sunday watching the Bears games. As last year, my coworker Ken has allowed me to purchase some of his tickets that he does not use. Section 101, Row 1, Seats 1 and 2. Amazing seats ... just off the opponent tunnel in the North end zone. Some people say you can not see any action on the other side of the field (I can see fine, and there is the huge screen), but I love being in the middle of the action. It is a roudy section. Especially this past Sunday. First home game of the season. Against the rival Lions. Da Bears 34 Lions 7. The Bears looked great. Since I got the Pearl last week, pictures from the phone are on the left. Oh, and BBHub liked them as well :)

I know there are a bunch of other football fans out there ... share how you are spending your season!

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  1. 1) Timothy Briley says:

    It's been a busy month. Georgia Tech is coming off of 4 home games in 20 days and I live 4.5 hours away in Tallahassee, FL. It was pretty rough, but I'm just the guy for the job. I made all four, Notre Dame, Samford, Troy, and Virginia. Tech came out of it a bogus personal foul call in the ND game away from being 4-0.

    I tailgate with alumni fraternity brothers, ranging in age from new grads to guys like me in their 40's, just 200 yards from Bobby Dodd Stadium. It doesn't get much better. Away games at a Beef 'O' Brady's in Tallahasee, this Saturday against VPI, we are now ranked AP #24, but VPI is #10 and a 9 point favorite.

    It's just the best time of year.

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