Are you a not-for-profit in Chicago? Join for a technology seminar

February 19 2014

For all of my friends and followers in Chicago - if you work for or participate in a not-for-profit, this free technology seminar is for you:

Clearing up the Myth: The Cloud and Nonprofits - Free Nonprofit Technology Seminar - Please join us on February 26th at 10 AM and invite your nonprofit friends and colleagues.

At this seminar you will learn:Image:Are you a not-for-profit in Chicago? Join for a technology seminar

  • What exactly IS "The Cloud"?
  • Why do I need to know about cloud computing?
  • How will it help my organization?
  • What and who are cloud providers?
  • What about security and storage of data? 

You're invited to attend a FREE cloud computing seminar hosted by Lumity. You’ll learn everything you need to know about what the cloud is, how to transition to it and how to use it once you’re there. Mark Litwin, a Technology Solution Professional will guide you through the process so you leave with a full understanding and the confidence to make the change.

What is "the cloud"? It's a server that’s accessible to you anywhere there is internet, not just at your office.

Who needs the cloud? The cloud is great for organizations who don't have an IT expert on staff, whose employees and volunteers work off-site or who want to save money and still be up-to-date.

No IT person on staff? No problem! Cloud computing requires very little IT knowledge or work.

You can register for the event here. Hope to see you there - but note, this is only for not-for-profits. Thanks!