Announcing the Contacts Experience project!

November 18 2009

For those of you that have attended any of the integration sessions I have given this year (and years before), I have a demo database that has very specific feature demos for integration topics. I make sure the slides and demo numbers match the demo database. Attendees have told me they love the demo database because it is organized and each demo is self contained. So while I will not stop doing this demo database, I have wanted to do something a bit more usable for a while. So in an effort to rebuild the Integration and Symphony sessions at Lotusphere that I will be giving, we are going to take a new approach. So enters the Contacts Experience project.

I have always wanted to extend the Contacts application with real world, usable features. I didn't got that route as the templates were not distributable (officially), but now they are. So for the Lotusphere sessions, we are going to build functionality that an end user can use AND highlight integration functionality. Advanced mail merge, labels, complex document generation and far more - all from selected contacts. Want to add a customers to a file for sharing, where that file is located in a Notes document library or your mail file and the sharing location is Google Docs or LotusLive? Yep, that's on the list.

This will also allow others to add functionality they want in the Contacts application. More fields for things like Twitter and Facebook and LinkedIN? Easy to add. I hope we will see some great contributions to the Contacts application.

The first version of this template will be released the Sunday of Lotusphere. If you have any suggestions, please feel free to add.

One final note: Special thanks for Vince for OK'ing the Experience brand that he has put so much time in and allowing it to be applied to this effort.