A week in Cambridge (MA)

August 24 2007

announcements.I spent most of this week in Cambridge, MA at two different Lotus Business Partner Summits, one for Lotus Connections and one for Lotus Quickr. While I can not talk about much of what I saw for the futures of the products, I can tell you that I am excited. Lotusphere is really looking like we will get some blockbuster announcements. One of the highlights for me was getting some time with Jeff Schick. He spent a bunch of time talking with us about Social Software, the second quarter success of Lotus Connections, and much more. One of the surprises was a bunch of discussion around Lotus Domino Document Manager (Domino.Doc).

It was great to see Chris Miller, Debbie Lynd, Rob Novak, Dan Lieber, Suzanne Minassian, Peter Van De Graff, and many more. Carl Tyler and Alan Lepofsky joined myself and Chris Miller for noodles and a couple drinks .. nice to see you locals as well.

Special thanks to Brandon Smith for arranging all of this. It was a long week for me as I was working in the evenings, but it was a great week.

Now, let us see if I can make it to Vegas for a planned weekend of bachelor party fun ... the weather seems to want to keep me in Boston.