A week in Boston

August 21 2007

I am spending the week in Cambridge, MA. Just over the river from Boston. I am here all week for a 3 day Lotus Connections and a 3 day Lotus Quickr Summit. Chris Miller is blogging some of the technical stuff we are talking about, but I am here most for how to take both products out into the market. I need a drink already ... I just got off my chest a major issue. Just because I do not take IBM to task in my blog or other on-line sites does not mean I let them off in person ;) Man, I wish I could share an audio transcript on our discussion about Lotus Domino LDAP support in Lotus Connections .. that was a super fun conversation.

2 Responses to “A week in Boston”

  1. 1) Paul Mooney says:

    Imagine what mine were like with them

  2. 2) John Head says:

    according to the product team, I 'kicked their ass' more than anyone previously :-) LOL

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