A shout out to some amazing coworkers at PSC

January 31 2011

I must take a moment from all of the Lotusphere 2011 craziness to thank some people at PSC who went out of their way to help Alex and I with our session demos yesterday. We do so many demos in our sessions (this year we did 26) that we ask the team back at PSC to help out. Since our integration demos reach across our IBM Lotus and Microsoft practices, there are a bunch of people to thank:

  • Eric M.
  • Andy S.
  • Wil H.
  • Tim M.
  • Jimmy M.
  • Andrew B.
  • Rick P.

Eric, Andy, and Wil spent hours and hours up until the session Sunday helping us get all of the advanced ODF and OOXML demos with .NET / C# and XPages. Tim and Jimmy worked on some of the demos we updated for this year. and Andrew and Rick supported their teams when Alex and I asked for help.

I can not thank everyone on the team above enough. Alex and I need to do something special for Eric, Andy, and Wil - but I wanted to publically recognize all of them. Thanks guys!

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