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January 28 2009

Lotusphere has this perception of being a giant party. Did you follow the Twitter stream of #ls09 this year? Just look at what I wrote on Sunday night after the Opening Party from Kimonos ... a true party. But what people do not realize is how much work and energy goes on during the day that we need to network and sing and drink and dance in the evenings to to release it all.

I dare anyone to find another conference where people show up 2 days early to hang out. Where once the conference is over, a bar like Kimonos is as busy as the first night. Where people stay up until 5 am sitting in the main lobby of the hotel just being with each other. I have heard Mac World is like this, but for how long with Apple removing itself? Lotusphere is far more than the sessions or the show floor or the Opening Session. It is about the people. For seven days, all of us who talk via blogs, twitter, IM, and email, come together. We meet new people and our community grows.

I am so proud to be part of the Lotusphere family. Thank all of you for making Lotusphere2009 the best ever.

2 Responses to “Lotusphere2009 Relection - The Community”

  1. 1) Lars Olufsen says:

    Spot on, John!

    And thank you for all the excellent write-ups!

  2. 2) Mick Moignard says:

    Couldn't agree more. Only downsides are sleep deprivation and liver overload!


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