8.5.2 Finally Makes Database Icon’s Rock

April 19 2010

So with 8.5.2 Code Drop 4, IBM removed the limitation of not being able to talk about what is coming in the release. There are a lot of great new changes coming, but the one will make most people smile is the changes to Database Icons.

When you select the Icon resource in 8.5.2, you will get this dialog:

Image:8.5.2 Finally Makes Database Icon’s Rock

You can select a full color icon of type BMP, JPG, GIF, and yes folks, PNG. Where do they apply? Well, how about the bookmark bar, database tab, search icon, in Designer, and on the Workspace. I have not found a place they don't show up. You can still create an old style Icon if you want ... there is not image editor built into Designer. Hard to not ask for more than we are getting, but over time, I would love a Save dialog so we can save the source image to the hard drive. But beggars can't be choosers. :-)

So thanks to Maureen and her team for getting this one finally taken care of. It's funny, besides DXL and the LSX Toolkit, Database Icons were the item most asked about at "Ask the Developers" at Lotusphere. With IBM taking these things off the list, what will complain about? [ Sit Down Turtle ...]

8 Responses to “8.5.2 Finally Makes Database Icon’s Rock”

  1. 1) Joseph Hoetzl says:

    Hmm, odd that they allow formats that don't support transparency. At any rate, something with more than 16 colors is certainly nice, and the fallback "Classic" option means no waiting to deploy, once 8.5.2 GA drops...

  2. 2) Michael Sobczak says:

    You mean Notes databases won't remind everyone of Windows 3.1 applications? Holy Cow!

  3. 3) Erik Brooks says:

    @John - Oh there's still plenty to gripe about from yesteryear. :-) Leftover 16-bit database limits anybody?

  4. 4) Justin says:

    Does this require the server to be upgraded, or just have the clients at 8.5.2? and have you tried animated gifs? If you going to blow someones mind you might as well go all out.

  5. 5) Patrick Kwinten says:

    Almost surreal! =)

  6. 6) Craig Wiseman says:

    Have to admit, this is one feature that I never really missed not having.

  7. 7) Erik Brooks says:

    @6 - Actually it was at the bottom of my list (web dev shop here) though I understand why people wanted it.

    Though it would've made a WHOLE lot more sense to add this years ago.

  8. 8) John Head says:

    Justin - does not require the server, just the client update. And no, I am not sure about Animated GIFs.

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