Next Microsoft Operating System "Longhorn" Delayed until 2006

October 14 2003

Well, Microsoft execs have finally admitted that the next major operating system release after Windows XP, code named "Longhorn", wont ship until 2006.

See this for the news.

What blows my mind is that Apple can release a new version of OS X every year, with a solid feature set, when Microsoft can't even predict correctly when the next release of Windows will be out. So even though Panther (10.3) will be out next Friday, we will have 2 more Apple OS updates before Longhorn ships. Nice. Glad I switched.

2 Responses to “Next Microsoft Operating System "Longhorn" Delayed until 2006”

  1. 1) Justin Knol says:


    That can't be right!

    Microsoft is chock-full of innovation and the financial analysts keep saying Apple is nearly dead.

    You just go on getting work done and the real world will just have to wait 3 years to be more productive.



  2. 2) Chris Toohey says:

    My business partner just made the switch and bought the new G5 with dual processors etc. I swear he's gonna marry that thing!

    I'd make the switch (hell, I'd run nothing but Linux and OSX at home...) if it weren't for Lotus' reliance on that damned Windows. The only real reason that we have a windows server in our environment today is because of Sametime and the Notes clients - other than that, we'd be a full Linux shop serverwise and a Linux/MAC shop for workstations, etc.

    But NO!!! - Lotus doesn't think that there's a market for such a thing. Which is *exactly* what will be the undoing of them - not the lack of porting the warez, but rather not listening to the screaming masses before they do their next rollout!


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