One Step Closer to Hell Freezing Over ... Cubs Win Divisional Series

October 6 2003

So in a total change of topics, the Chicago Cubs have done what they hadn't done in 95 years ... they beat the Atlanta Braves to win their first postseason series since 1908. Just to put that in perspective, in that time, there has been:

  • 18 US Presidents
  • 18 Amendments to the US Constitution
  • 4 new States added to the Union

All I can say is that it was party time in Wrigleyville last night. Next, the Florida Marlins.

4 Responses to “One Step Closer to Hell Freezing Over ... Cubs Win Divisional Series”

  1. 1) Andrew Pollack says:

    wow. between that and me writing some critical code in Java, two of the sure signs of the end of time have been spotted.

  2. 2) Richard Schwartz says:

    If the Red Sox and Cubs should both make it into the World Series, the world will have to come to an end... because neither team can win. The Yankees, of course, will make sure that this doesn't happen.


  3. 3) Ed Brill says:

    not to be cold water, but there were 10 in the original bill of rights, and we only have 26 now.

  4. 4) John says:


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