My sport horizons have definitely been broadening ...

July 7 2004

When it comes to sports, I am a typical American. Love football, love hockey, enjoy baseball, like basketball when my team is winning (and living in Chicago and hailing from Detroit has made that easy the past 10 years or so), and get out and play as much golf as possible. But due to other influences, I have been watching other sports this year. Soccer and cycling. A bunch of my coworkers are from outside the US originally, and they are all soccer fans. I even watched some of Euro2004 and followed the Greece teama bit. Nice that my boss is Greek and they did so well! And I have been watching the Tour de France in the evening, hoping to see Lance Armstrong make history with his 6th win. Now, with football season and the fantasy football draft just weeks away, and a couple of Cub's and Sox's games in the next couple weeks, my traditional American sports love is not in any jeopardy. But nice to have more options. Wonder what strange sport will catch my fancy during the Olympics? With Tivo, could be anything

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