TuneXP from Driver Heaven - Free Windows XP Tweaker

April 13 2004


While I am truly a converted Mac user, I do still have Windows XP machines around (a Dell Insprion 8000 Laptop, a Dell 8100 Desktop, a homemade PC, and another IBM laptop), so I do look for Windows tweak software. With XP, you need to tune it to run as fast and efficiently as possible. Before I found TuneXP, the I used WinBoost and other software that cost some money. But TuneXP is free, and has some great features. Check it out.

For those interested, Driverheaven.net is a site that collects news and announcements to new drivers for hardware. If you are trying to 'trick' out your computer to get the best performance for games, this is a great site for you.