Get out and vote!

March 15 2004

I get asked a lot why I do not post anything about politics on this site. The main reason is that this site's main purpose is to serve as a place for those that interact with me on a professional level to get some information. Specifically, my role as a Technical Specialists consultant at PSC. So I have chosen not to bring certain parts of my personal life and views into this space, so that it does not interfere with the image of PSC or myself as one of the many faces of PSC. So that's why ...

But that brings me to something I think is appropriate for this space. It doesn't matter if you are right or left, conservative or liberal, or somewhere in the middle, politics is about being involved. That starts with voting. My opinion is that you do not have a right to complain, criticize, or do and say whatever about your elected officials if you did not vote. Its the price to complain as I put it :) Seriously, here in Illinois we have our primary tomorrow. Candidates are competing for a place on the general election ticket for November. So get out and vote! If your primary has not happened, or your reading this outside of the US, make sure to vote! Local and national elections participation is your job! Learn about the candidates and then vote who you feel will do the best job. Or however you make your decision. And if you really want to make an impact, get even more involved. I know I complained for a long time, and have finally decided that my voice can be heard much louder once I am giving some of my time and energy to the process.

I think its a shame that many people died for this country to be free and so many people squander away that gift of voting. Please, make your voice heard with your ballot.

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