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Social Selling in the Real World

December 3 2013

I was honored to be asked to speak at The Sales Association Midwest 2013 conference in November. The event was focused on sales best practices, tools, and techniques for sales organizations and individuals. It was a great experience for me - especially since it was a brand new audience and community. Looking forward to giving this presentation more in 2014!

MWLUG 2012 - SB103: IBM Lotus Notes/Domino App. Dev. Competitive Advantage: The Social Business Edition

August 21 2012

Attached are the slides that John Beck and I gave at MWLUG 2012 IBM Lotus Notes/Domino Application Development Competitive Advantage : The Social Business Edition (MWLUG Edition) from John Head

"Becoming a Social Business" Simulcast - An IBM and Information Week "Masters of Collaboration" Event Series hosted by PSC Group

March 4 2012

PSC Group is pleased to be hosting a broadcast of the IBM and Information Week "Masters of Collaboration" Event on March 14th, 2012. Our event will be in South Barrington, IL and will be from 11:15 AM to 3:30 PM. More about the event: Every few years, advancements in technology and the evolution of business meet at the nexus of a cultural shift that fundamentally changes how business gets done. One of those moments is happening now – businesses are deploying exciting new collaborative tools to enable a more dynamic, increasingly mobile, and idea-laden workforce to create the new “social business.” People – and their ideas – have become central to the business again. And these social computing tools are enabling enterprises to tap into the collective intellectual capital of their employees, as geographically dispersed people are now collaborating and sharing ideas more productively than ever before across intelligent, interconnected systems. By connecting people and accelerating decisio

Lotusphere 2012 - BP107 : IBM Lotus Notes/Domino Application Development Competitive Advantage : The Social Business Edition

January 22 2012

Bp107 1.19.2012View more presentations from John Head.

Lotuphere2012: JMP304 - Master Class: Integration in the world of Social Business

January 18 2012

Jmp304View more presentations from John Head. You can get the Getting Started Database Here

The perception gap between clients and vendors with social business and cloud

September 21 2011

I have heard something over the past couple of days that I thought I would put out for discussion. I am hearing about a huge gap between what vendors think is the current state with social business and cloud and what customers believe are important to them right now. On one side we have the vendors who are changing everything to fit into the social business and/or cloud business models. From branding and marketing to strategy to how they align themselves internally as an organization. I get why. These are the buzzwords getting traction in the tech media space. The analysts, the advertising, the marketers. Social media is hot, let's build on top of it as social business. I am not arguing that this is not a hot topic in the marketplace. Same with cloud. It's the buzzword of the time. From the Microsoft commercials to the Google and sales pitches. I hear many of our larger customers talking about the cloud. On the other side of that coin are the companies that sell licens

Interview with IBM’s Doug Heintzman and Konrad Lagarde : IBM Project Vulcan, IBM Social Business Toolkit, Mobile, and ODF/ Interview

February 22 2011

Due to scheduling issues at Lotusphere 2011, I was not able to do some of my press interviews. I was offered the chance of a make-up interview with Doug Heintzman, Director, Lotus Strategy. During the interview, he brought in Konrad lagarde, who is working on the IBM Project Vulcan team and has direct experience with the IBM Social Business Toolkit. Here is my transcription of the interview with some commentary at the end. Project Vulcan and the IBM Social Business Toolkit JH: IBM Project Vulcan as a project vs. a deliverable. Can you help map the progression of Project Vulcan from what was seen at Lotusphere 2010 vs Lotusphere 2011: DH: IBM is making a lot of progress and the vision is quite bold. IBM is devolving a bunch of packages and applications into a group of discrete services. Added to this will be an aggregation service, sharebox service(s), analytic services, etc. There will also be a set of toolkits, which the IBM Social Business Toolkit is one of them. The goal is to

Follow the Product Managers and Executives on Twitter - this is for Marie and Stuart :-)

February 7 2011

Before and during Lotusphere 2011, there have been some discussions about how to engage with the IBM Lotus Executives and Product Managers outside of the stage and event. There has been some discussion on if this is needed, and I get Ed's point, but it is always good to engage with folks on a regular basis. I thought it was very interesting that the IBM executives new to the social software team (i.e. Lotus) , Sandy Carter and Nigel Beck ( I love how his url directs to his page ), are both very active in social media with their own personal brands. You can even use Tungle with Nigel - the first IBM VP I have seen do that. So to facilitate this interaction, and in Marie and Stuart's honor, I have created two public Twitter lists. IBM Lotus Ask the Product Managers: A list for any IBMer who is a Product Manager in the Lotus space IBM Lotus Executives: A list for anyone on the management team in the Lotus space These are meant to grow over time, so please let me know if we

Where was Project Vulcan? Say Hello to the IBM Social Business Toolkit

January 31 2011

Rich asks where was Project Vulcan in the Lotusphere 2011 OGS today? It was there, but you had to be really paying attention to the Project Vulcan evolution in 2010 to add it up. At Lotusphere 2010, we got the introduction of IBM Project Vulcan, a roadman or blueprint to adding new social features to the portfolio. And as the year progressed, Alistair talked about how IBM was going to ship a first version of the IBM Project Vulcan toolkit in 2010 and make it available to partners. They did that ... but today it is finally publically available. Go here to download it. Go here to see the wiki explaining all of the pieces. Activity Streams? Check. Sharebox? Check. One UI V3? Check. OAuth support? Yep. Here is the rub. In the transition of blue print to deliverable, IBM changed the name. It is now called the IBM Social Business Toolkit. I actually like the name, but there was no proper transition from IBM Project Vulcan to the new name. I think the main reason for that is IBM Project V