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The Notes / Lotus Bubble: Why "community" and "change" invoke such wide emotional responses

June 16 2010

I have stayed very quiet in this weeks blogging explosion that has happened within the Lotus bubble. I reached out to jonvon personally and made a comment on both Gab's and Ed's posts. Nothing really serious and definitely not bringing my voice and opinion into this discussion. For right now - I am going to stay clear of the specific discussion on what IBM can do. Ed's blog post is the beginning of what should be a bigger conversation IBM has with the community - in whatever form or shape that turns into. Andrew is writing some good posts to get the discussion going. We will see everyone put forth their thoughts on what IBM should do - and with good cause. I certainly see both sides of the conversation. What makes it more interesting for me is PSC has always had multiple practices around different technologies. We have had a thriving Microsoft practice for a couple years. I have been doing work with Microsoft since 1995. I branched out three years ago to start a Document Generation p

Who Watches ...

August 6 2009

Who Watches the Lotus Watchmen? The answer? The Composite Wonder Attack Kittens Brigade of course! :-) I thank @fakeedbrill for the name and t-shirt idea! (OK, before anyone get's out of shape here - this is meant to be funny and as a laugh. Nothing backhand, negative, or under the radar. Just a great idea of embracing the chatter of the community and laughing at myself)

Lotus Community Slides Updated

July 7 2008

I did an update to the Lotus Community slides I put together back in June. I added (sorry about that folks, was a complete slip) and added urls for every site when they were not obvious. | View | Upload your own You can download the actual slides in PowerPoint, PowerPoint 2007, Lotus Symphony/ODF, and KeyNote here. Again, if someone wants to create a Keynote version, please do and send to me and I will post them. Thanks to Warren Elsmore, we have a Keynote version as well.