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Yellow Day Release: Updated Contacts Experience

August 11 2010

In honor of Yellow Day, I am going to post a new version of the Contacts Experience. Here is what is new: - Support for Microsoft Office 2010 - Updates to Microsoft Office Label and Envelope Functionality - Started work on adding Label functionality - The beginnings of custom field functionality: The goal is to have custom templates that the user can select, but first we need custom fields. The first release just defines the basic fields and a way to customize them. More to come. I have also been working on the first release to support Symphony 3.X when it is embedded in Notes 8.5.2. While not coming on August 24th when Notes 8.5.2 ships, Symphony 3 will have an update toolkit for Notes. This will give us a bunch more functionality, including presentations and labels and envelopes. Enjoy Yellow Day!

Yellow Day is coming August 11th!

August 9 2010

As Nathan blogs, Yellow Day is coming in just two short days! Yellow Day is a celebration of the Lotus community - how are you going to celebrate? Some folks like Nathan will release new projects. Others make product or services announcements. Lots of folks post tips & tricks to their blogs. Others make updates to projects on And many just wear something Lotus branded; t-shirt, hat, etc. So how are you celebrating Yellow Day? Whatever you do, you should do something and share that! Blogs, Facebook, Twitter should be a buzz on Wednesday. Get involved and have fun!

Yellow Day - How are you celebrating?

August 11 2009

August 11th is Yellow Day - How are you celebrating? Unfortunately the project I have been working on for release today will not come out today (not due to my code for once, but for something I am waiting for to appear on before I can post). Hopefully soon! So wear yellow today. Post a blog post. Answer some postings in the LDD forums. Twitter using #LotusKnows or #YellowDay all day long. Celebrate the community.