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I found my new favorite Office365 feature - Share as Attachment as PDF

March 30 2017

This is one of the biggest time consumers for me in my daily routine is sending documents to external users (customers) and having to create a pdf of that file each time. The workflow today is: 1. Open the document in Word 2. File | Save As, select PDF as file type, Hit Save 3. Create a new email in Outlook 4. Attach the PDF, selecting it from the drop down It's kind of wasteful as I never use the PDF's again. They just sit there in the folder, taking up space. What I found today is that I can do this with fewer steps AND not worry about saving the PDF each time. Here is what you do: 1. Here is a document open in Microsoft Word. Click the "Share" button in the upper right hand part of the application. 2. That will open the Share sidebar panel. Click the "Send as attachment" link at the bottom of the panel. 3. The panel will change giving you two options. Click the "Send a PDF" link. 4. A new email will open with a PDF attachment of the