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IBM’s website is adding widgets in places

September 8 2008

So while looking at the Lotus Collaboration Summit website today, I noticed that IBM has started adding widgets to their site. Click the widget and then click More at the bottom right to get a full list of the services supports: Nice to see IBM getting into the web 2.0 tagging world. I love and have it on the site here. support added

May 27 2008

I have added support to this website. At the bottom of every post, you will see the Add This button You can use this button to tag any blog entry to your favorite social tagging site I would like to ask all of my readers to please tag blog entries that you like and find useful. It helps spread the word to those that do not read the blog on a regular basis! Thanks P.S. IBM - why is Lotus Connections Dogear not on this list? Since let's me register and set up my preferences with these sites, I could enter my Connections url ... and this button could connect there. Special Thanks to Sean Burgess who figured out how to make this work in DominoBlog ... thanks Sean!