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The Univeristy of Illinois Fighting Illini are 4 - 0 !!!!

September 25 2011

For the first time in sixty years, the Fighting Illini of the University of Illinois have won 4 games without losing a game to start the season. That record brings rankings of #24 in the coaches poll and #22 in the AP poll. The last time that happened, the illini went 9 - 0 - 1 (a tie with Ohio State), won the Big Ten, won the Rose Bowl, and were considered National Champions by the media. While I don't think that the illini are headed New Orleans for the National Championship this year, I do think we have a special season upon us. Northwestern travels south this coming Saturday and let's hope the illini kick some major purple ass!

Kick to Devin Hester .. the petition

December 3 2007

As a Chicago Bear fan, I love this site. The one shining beacon of hope and enjoyment in this year's Chicago Bears is Devin Hester. Here is a young man in his second year in the NFL. He is 2 touchdowns on a kick-off or punt return to tie the all time record, and 3 from owning it outright. This site is more of a joke than anything .. asking the NFL to penalize teams that do not kick to Devin and other returnmen. I do agree with the premise ... it should be about playing the game ... not finding ways around it. Thanks for making the Bears worth watching this year Devin.

The Fighting Illini get picked to play in the Rose Bowl!

December 3 2007

Who would have thought it would turn out this way ... Saturday I decided to say inside, watch the snow turn to freezing rain turn to rain, and just watch college football. Saturday would determine where the Fighting Illini of the University of Illinois ended up for their bowl game. 9 wins and 3 losses was the best turn-around of any team this year ... but probably not good enough for a BCS bid. Ohio State, who the Illini beat when they were #1 in the country, still won the Big 10 conference with only one loss on the year. They got the automatic bid to the BCS and were going to the Rose Bowl. The Illini were destined for the Capital One Bowl Game in Orlando on January 1st. This was perfect for me ... with family in Orlando. I was content. Then Saturday happened. Oklahoma steamrolls over #1 Missouri. #2 West Virginia loses to PITT, who end the year with a losing record. What the $%^&! So, when the BCS cards fell, Ohio State ended up #1 in the polls again and play LSU for the Nati

Emotion, Emotion, and the Orange and Blue

November 10 2007

So today turned out to be one hell of a day. I will write more about it (the fact we did not get to see "Spring Awakening" on Broadway because of the strike, the dinner at Morimoto, seeing "Xanadu" instead ...) but only one thing is really worthy of a blog post tonight ... I - L - L ..................... I - N - I Yes folks .. the Fighting Illini beat the Ohio State Buckeyes ... 28 to 21. And they did it with style. They played a hell of a game. Juice Williams looked amazing! 4 TDs, no INTs, and he controlled the game. Way to go Illini! One more game next weekend .. Northwestern at home. Then we get a bowl game.

There is always next year ... Cubs Choke!

October 6 2007

Well, what can I say? The Chicago Cubs have choked ... as many of us predicted. As a Chicago resident, I have to put up with Cub fans. You see, I am a Chicago White Sox fan. So I root for the White Sox or any team playing the Cubs! Yes, I know, the White Sox did not do to well this year ... but the rule around me is "You are not allowed to talk smack unless your baseball team has one a World Series in my lifetime ... or your Father's!" The Cub fans are out of luck there. Better Luck next year folks ... you choked and were swept in 3 games. You did not win even one play-off game this year. You pretty much are the suck. Cya. :-)

There is a great football team in Illinois this year ... and it is not the Bears!

October 6 2007

Man, what a great two weeks of college football in the state of Illinois. Last week, the Fighting Illini beat Penn State. It was the first time in years that the Illini beat a ranked team. This week, the Illini beat Wisconsin 31-26, who were ranked #5 in the nation. The team played great. More importantly, they did not make any real mistakes. No interceptions, no fumbles ... just good football. With what looks like crappy Bears team this year ... nice to see a team in the state playing good ball. I predict that the Illini will be ranked 21st come Monday morning.

Wayland Ave vs Wrigley Field

July 22 2007

Man, I must have grown up and become a yuppie. Yes, I admit it. Yesterday, I went to see a Chicago Cubs game. It is no secret that I am a Chicago White Sox fan. I do not have anything against the Cubs players, but the management has just destroyed the team. So I root for White Sox .. a team that has won a championship in my lifetime. And my parents! :D Wrigley Field is a national landmark, but it has turned into a place for people to go shirtless (the women wear bikinis) and get drunk and throw up on the streets after. So, when I go to a Cubs game. I prefer to go to one of the rooftop establishments. Those that have been to Wrigley Field have seen them. The buildings on Sheffield and Waveland, with throngs of folks sitting on raised bleachers. It is outside the park ... and expensive. $100+ but it is all you can eat and drink. I try to do at least one game a year this way ... and a couple games at U.S. Cellular field to see the White Sox. Yes, the White Sox are falling apart this y

Road to the Final Four - Go Illini!

March 12 2007

The University of Illinois - Champaign/Urbana Fighting Illini made the NCAA Basketball Tournament as a 12 seed in the West bracket! They will play Virginia Tech (#5) in Columbus Ohio this Friday. Most people I talk to think the Illini will have the advantage .. the Illini fans travel very well .. and Columbus is not that far. Beyond that, the Illini would meet Southern Illinois in Round 2 (yes, I think Holy Cross is getting stomped). That should be a great game with lots of bragging rights attached. This is also a time of the "Brackets." Yahoo and have some great pages for setting up brackets with friends. Thursday and Friday might break the record for internet usage in the US with the on-line web video of the games. March Madness .. its a great time of the year.

Can you feel it?

March 8 2007

So what did you do this afternoon? This is what I did ... don't tell anyone (shhhh) but I played hookie. That picture is from my Pearl at the United Center in Chicago. Today started the Big Ten College Basketball Tournament. The Illini were about to start their game with Penn State. The Illini won :-) Can you feel the madness of March beginning to build?

One last dance ... for Chief Illiniwek

February 21 2007

Today is a very sad day here in Illinois. After years of controversy, legal battles, and lots of discussion on both sides of the story, Chief Illiniwek will dance his last dance. The University of Illinois Board of Trustees decided to stop fighting the NCAA. The reason he will no longer dance is that people find his portrayal of Native Americans to be distasteful and racist. As someone who is part Native American (I am 1/16 of Cherokee and Chickasaw), I find this to be absurd. The school has always done everything it can to make sure the Chief was respectful of the history and legacy of the Native Americans. I also think it is a joke that the NCAA allows the Florida Seminoles to have an Indian ride on to the field, on horseback, throwing a flaming spear, and that is OK. Lastly, many of the academics at U of I that want the Chief gone have no Native American blood. Grrrrrrr. That being said, there is nothing that can be done. Tickets for tonight's Men's Basketball game against Mich

The last time the Bears were in the Super Bowl...

January 31 2007

Sarah forwarded this to me ... not mine, but still very cool .. but makes me feel old! In honor of the Chicago Bears going to Super Bowl 41. Here are 41 things that have changed from the last time the Chicago Bears played in the Super Bowl (which was Super Bowl 20 in 1986): 1.. Brian Urlacher was in 2nd grade. Rex Grossman was in kindergarten. 2.. Peyton Manning was 10 years old. Eli Manning was 5 years old. Their dad, Archie, had just retired from the NFL two years earlier. 3.. Lovie Smith was in his first college coaching job at University of Tulsa . 4.. Ronald Reagan was the President, and Harold Washington was the Mayor. James R. Thompson was the Governor running for re-election and his office was in the new State of Illinois Center, which is now called the James R. Thompson Center . 5.. George W. Bush was 39 years old and still drinking. His father would run for President two years later. 6.. Rod Blagojevich was just out of law school and was a low-level prosecutor working fo

Bears are going to Miami!

January 22 2007

How cool is it for the Chicago Bears to be going to the Super Bowl !!!! And what a game it was. The Saints put up a good fight in the first half, but the Bears just turned it on the second. I, being at Lotusphere, missed the entire second half! I was in a meeting with the Design Partners for Notes 8. And I was refreshing my Blackberry as fast as I could get the screen to redraw. The first half I was at the Dolphin bar and the loudest Bears fan there! :) Now, can Sarah and I get to Miami to see the game in person .. hmmmmm

Bear Down, Chicago Bears!

January 15 2007

Wow ... what a weekend of football! We celebrated the Bears winning pretty hard yesterday .. so hard I am just recovering :) For all who want a non-network TV version of the kick heard around Chicago, check out the video below!

What do you do when the Fighting Illini ...

October 1 2006

beat Michigan State 23 to 20 to be the big upset of the week in college football? Not sure ... it doesn't happen that often :) What did we do? Cheer, toast, drink, and enjoy the great fall weather.

Are you ready for some football?

September 21 2006

I know I am a bit behind, but football season has started. I love this time of year. Football (the American version) is a great way to spend time away from work ... excitement and energy. This year I am taking in more football than ever. Fantasy Football This time of year brings the world of fantasy football in to my life. I have been doing Fantasy Football since before it was online. A group of friends got together and started out when it was just paper and all that. These days its all online and easy, but we still claim to be originals :) We do a traditional draft .. meaning we get together, drink, trash talk, and pick our players via a grid on the wall. More fun than the online version. We have a keep league: meaning each player can elect to select a player from their team last year in the first round without anyone else being able to draft them first. This is much like the franchise player option in the NFL. I kept Larry Johnson of the Kansas City Chiefs. Priest Holmes had been

Supporting Athletics at U of I Champaign

August 2 2006

Last night I had the honor to attend an event thrown for the top donors to the University of Illinois at Champaign Athletic Foundation. It was at a house in Winnetka (and I say house liberally ... it was a large house on the lake with an amazing back yard and pool) and over 100 people were there. The big names of U of I sports were there ... Ron Guenther, Ron Zook, and Bruce Weber. They also brought many current and past student athletes. It was a great event to listen to people talk with pride about the Fighting Illini. I am very proud of Sarah, who is the reason I got to attend. Since graduating law school, she has been active in supporting the law school and the Athletics program. She was the first person to join the law school's Cribbet Society as a student This let her become part of the school's President Council. She has also supported the athletic program and has reserved seats in the new football stadium. I am just lucky to be able to join her and attend the games. I neve

What I did this weekend: Big 10 Basketball Tournament

March 13 2006

I was lucky enough to spend part of this weekend in Indianapolis, Indiana watching the Big 10 Basketball Tournament. It was not a normal trip, but a seat in one of the suites. For those that have never been to a college basketball game, they only way to get beer is to be in a suite. Some rule loophole or something. After watching Iowa come back and beat Ohio State (good for them ... hate the Buckeyes), we went to RAM to watch the NCAA Basketball Tournament Selection Show. Illinois got a 4 seed and plays Air Force this Thursday. Go Ilini!. The evening was wrapped up with a great dinner at St. Elmo's. Talk about a great steak dinner with the must have Shrimp Cocktail with homemade cocktail sauce with fresh ground horseradish. Yummy. Special thanks to my host ... a great weekend made possible by you!

Some fun before the storm - Golf at Bay Hill

January 20 2006

As you can feel the buzz of the coming beast known as Lotusphere (I can see signs going up at the Dolphin), I played 18 holes at Bay Hill today. My father, my boss, and a client of my father's (who is a member of Bay Hill) played. I enjoyed the weather immensely (that is my way for saying I played like crap) ... how can I complain with 70 degree weather and playing golf in shorts in January?

Go White Sox!

October 25 2005

2 games down, 2 to go!

PSC at the Western Open

July 3 2005

PSC had a booth at the PGA's Western Open this weekend. The tournament was held at Cog Hill Golf and Country Club in Lemont, IL. We had a booth with all of the other vendors, right next to Cialas. We participated at the Western Open thru our WBBM advertising campaign. I am not so sure that PSC got as much out of it as Cingular, XM Radio, or Cialas, but it was a chance to do some name branding. I was there on Saturday and had a good time. We worked shifts, so half of the day I got to walk the course. In the morning, a co-worker and myself walked holds 1 thru 5 as David Hearn and Camilo Villegas as they started their 18 holes. While not at the top of the leader board, both were playing par golf. Watching these guys play just makes me laugh at my golf game. In the afternoon, we set out on our goal to see Tiger Woods play. He was on 12, so we went to 15 to get a place near the green. By the time Tiger was on the 14th, the crowd had grown dramatically. Tiger putted for ea

Muscle Relaxant and Football ... must watch!

September 17 2004

This has to be one of the funniest commercials I have seen in years .. check it out on

Da Bears

September 13 2004

Thanks to the availability from one of my co-workers with season tickets (thanks Ken!), I went to the Chicago Bears game at Soldier Field in downtown Chicago. They played the Detroit Lions, and since I was born in Detroit, I tend to root for them often. So I was rooting for both teams, until I realized where our seats where. Section 101, Row 1, Seats 1 and 2. That's right next to the visiting team's tunnel and right near the north end zone. Otherwise known as hard core Bears territory and long time season ticket holder zone. You don't root for any team but the Bears there :) The Bears lost due to turnovers and bad decisions of the quarterback, Rick Grossman, but 2 of the 3 touchdowns of the game where in our end zone. Great views! And on an amazing day of 85 and sunny, the eye candy was not all bad either! :) But the real story of the day was what happened with Lions Center Dominic Raiola (number 51). Now let me tell you what happened: As the Lions where coming o

My sport horizons have definitely been broadening ...

July 7 2004

When it comes to sports, I am a typical American. Love football, love hockey, enjoy baseball, like basketball when my team is winning (and living in Chicago and hailing from Detroit has made that easy the past 10 years or so), and get out and play as much golf as possible. But due to other influences, I have been watching other sports this year. Soccer and cycling. A bunch of my coworkers are from outside the US originally, and they are all soccer fans. I even watched some of Euro2004 and followed the Greece teama bit. Nice that my boss is Greek and they did so well! And I have been watching the Tour de France in the evening, hoping to see Lance Armstrong make history with his 6th win. Now, with football season and the fantasy football draft just weeks away, and a couple of Cub's and Sox's games in the next couple weeks, my traditional American sports love is not in any jeopardy. But nice to have more options. Wonder what strange sport will catch my fancy during the Olympi

Starfishes make it to the Superbowl!

December 16 2003

My fantasy football team has been doing great all year. I ended the year 11 -3, which won my division and gave me the top record in our league. I also have the most points, with 1499 as of this week. This week was the playoffs, and my opponent got a royal beating ... 152 to 68. Thank you Priest Holmes and Peyton Manning. Next week, the SmabBowl (our league is called SmabFL) ... against the Numeroians (anyone get that reference?) ... lets hope Priest + Peyton = Championship!

I am still in shock over the Cubs game last night ...

October 15 2003

Besides the issue with the fan reaching out to catch the fly foul ball, what happened to the Cubs in the 7th? They just fell apart. Does the curse of the Billy Goat live on? We will have to see tonight

One Step Closer to Hell Freezing Over ... Cubs Win Divisional Series

October 6 2003

So in a total change of topics, the Chicago Cubs have done what they hadn't done in 95 years ... they beat the Atlanta Braves to win their first postseason series since 1908. Just to put that in perspective, in that time, there has been: 18 US Presidents 18 Amendments to the US Constitution 4 new States added to the Union All I can say is that it was party time in Wrigleyville last night. Next, the Florida Marlins.

Are you ready for some (fantasy) football?

September 14 2003

So how many people out there are playing fantasy football? American football that is. I am in a league that has been around for 5 years, and we use 2 years ago, I had a great team. Jeff Garcia, Priest Holmes, etc. Came in third. Last year I came in last place :D This year I have Peyton Manning, Priest Holmes, Fred Taylor, Issac Bruce, Chad Johnson, Tony Gonzalez, Steve Janikowski, and the Panther's Defense. Won last week (91-68). I have always been a fan, not a player of sports, so fantasy football is perfect for me. Anyone else playing want to share their teams and experiences?