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Social Selling in the Real World

December 3 2013

I was honored to be asked to speak at The Sales Association Midwest 2013 conference in November. The event was focused on sales best practices, tools, and techniques for sales organizations and individuals. It was a great experience for me - especially since it was a brand new audience and community. Looking forward to giving this presentation more in 2014!

PSC to speak at Chicago Information Technology Architects Group (CITAG) on Enterprise Architecture on 2/15/2011

February 10 2011

PSC's own Chris Geraghty is speaking at the CITAG event next Tuesday. Here is the meeting information: Chicago Information Technology Architects Group - February 2011 Meeting Information technology architects are the hearts of their businesses. They try to make sense of the business landscape and form order out of chaos. Information technology architects do this with knowledge and experience. The Chicago Information Technology Architects Group is founded with the goal to unite architects into a community for collaboration and knowledge sharing. The group is for people to meet their peers and share some stories and ideas. The Chicago Information Technology Architects Group encourages everyone with an interest in technical architecture to join us for our next meeting on Tuesday, February 15th at the TechNexus in downtown Chicago. Presentation : Enterprise Architecture by Chris Geraghty Presentation at 5:30pm, doors open at 5:00pm We will review elements of Best Practice EA method

John Speaks 2009 - Speaking at UKLUG 2009

June 22 2009

I am super excited that I am going to be speaking at the United Kingdom Lotus Users Group (UKLUG) in Edinburgh on October 8th and 9th. I am presenting the following session: Lotus Symphony and You - How to stop giving Microsoft your money! For years, you have given Microsoft money for Office Licenses. Would you be interested if we could show you how you could save the money and still produce great documents, spreadsheets and presentations? This session is for you. The first half of the session will be a real-world comparison of Lotus Symphony to Microsoft Office and We will help you decide what type of workers and situations should use which product. We will transition the session to cover the Application Development story. What can you do to integrate Lotus Symphony with your applications? We will cover Composite Applications, Plug-ins, and Automation - UNO, LotusScript, and Java. Last we will preview Lotus Symphony 2.0. Come to this session with an open mind! Th

Attention All Lotusphere Speakers - Lotusphere Session Wiki Page is here!

January 26 2009

I came up with a great idea for all Lotusphere speakers. We are going to create a wiki page, based on the brand new Domino XPages Wiki template created by Steve Castledine of IBM. This is the first template contributed to by IBM since the big announcement at the Lotusphere2009 OGS. I figured why not put it to good use, create a reusable resource, and put the template thru some real testing all in one. I also think we need to have a resource in the Notes client, so I contacted Ben Langhinrichs @ Genii Software and he has agreed to update the Lotusphere2009 Sessions Database from this session listing every so often. It is being hosted on BleedYellow servers. No login today, but we will add that at some point. Thanks to Nathan Freeman made this suggestion and it is a great one. Please, no posting of the slides or demo files in this database, but let's use it as a single listing that links to everything. Maybe even IBMers can post their stuff somewhere we can all download.