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My interview with SocialBiz User Group - Listen Now

May 13 2014

Last month, Celia Hamilton of SocialBiz User Group, interviewed me to talk about XPages and the work I am doing at PSC Group. Here is their blurb about it: John Head was kind enough to share some of his time with me recently to have a conversation about XPages and mobile development. John's background in coding and current role in business development at PSC Group give him a unique outlook when talking about technology. From his perspective, he looks at what customers want when they need his company's services; his focus is finding out what technology is best suited to their needs. Press the play button below to hear our conversation about these topics: What John does with PSC Group What customers are really looking for when building a web application If you are still building client-only applications, you are the problem, not the solution What developers can do to their web apps today to make them ready to go mobile tomorrowYou can also read a transcript of the interview if you prefe