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HCL Software, Day One

July 1 2019

Today is the day that many of my friends and community members started a new journey. HCL Software closed their deal with IBM yesterday, and today my LinkedIN, Facebook, and blog feeds are filled with people announcing their new roles. I am overjoyed that so many of the people I have worked with for years at IBM on the Collaboration products are moving to HCL. It's very rare that this kind of opportunity happens - and I hope all those involved celebrate properly. I also think this is a real opportunity for HCL Software to start clean. Now only do they have a new Software group, they have a new partner program, and let's be real - a whole new business model. They are not just selling services, but software, to their customers. They just gained a lot of new customers in their systems - which comes with relationships. This is the time to view every one of those relationships as an opportunity. I would recommend that the new sales team at HCL make it their number one priority to touch eve

Thoughts and emotions : HCL Buys Numerous Software Assets from IBM, including Notes, Domino, Connections, and Sametime

December 10 2018

The news has hit - on the day before the 29th anniversary of Lotus Notes 1.0 being released, HCL has agreed to pay IBM 1.8 million for IBM Software Assets including Notes, Domino, Connections and Sametime. This also includes software products AppScan, BigFix, Unica, Commerce, and Portal. All on-premises software. All with an ecosystem of customers, partners, and history. With an expectation to close mid-2019 (and if you dig into the HCL notes on this from their website, some of that can push closer to the end of 2019), there are a lot of details that are unknown. So first, some thoughts on the actual deal. It's clear that IBM no longer considers on-premises software strategic - at least the software included here. Many of these had already had their development and support outsourced since 2016, so it's not a huge shock, But this means sales, marketing, accounting, and community will all move from IBM to HCL. Current IBM employees will move to HCL - and yes, some might be out of a jo

Time for another review ... IBM Lotus Sametime 8 Essentials : A User’s Guide

October 3 2010

I was asked by Packt Publishing to take a look at one of their newest releases IBM Lotus Sametime 8 Essentials: A User's Guide. While written by community friends Tom Duff and Marie Scott, I can safely tell you that if you use Sametime 8.X in any form, you can not go wrong with this book. I could have never believed that you could have written a 300 page book, for users, about Sametime. Is there really that much to know about sending an instant message or setting up a web conference? After reading this book, I can tell you there is plenty to know - and far more you never did. For me, this is a great reference. As a user of Sametime since the first version came out, I learned a new tip or feature every chapter. For a user who is not as technical as many of us, this will be a great source for learning. Well organized and very well written. One of the things I dislike most about books with more than one author is disjuncture writing styles across chapters or within, this book has

So I get a new desktop computer and the winner is Notes - and the games too :)

April 22 2010

So it was time to get a new desktop. My old one was 5 years old and was having power issues. Plus, with Starcraft 2, Rage, and a few other games coming out, it was time :-) So here is what I got: Dell Dimension XPS 9000 i7 9.2 @ 2.67 Ghz 9 Gigs Ram 128 Gig SSD Boot Drive 1 TB 7200 Data Drive BluRay Drive DVRW Drive Dual ATI Radeon HD 5870 (cough) 28" Widescreen TouchScreen Monitor I also have Windows 7 Home Premium 64 bit on this. A gaming machine for sure, but I will use it work when at home. TweetDeck screams on this as does Chrome. But Notes is the real winner. Why? I installed Notes 8.5.2 CD4 Standard Client. No plug-ins besides anything in the core installer. I set the Notes program directory on the SSD and the data folder on the regular drive. Sametime and Activities are turned on. I set Notes to use Workspace as the home page. I then reboot and launch Notes. With Sametime auto-launching into 3 communities (PSC, Bleedyellow, LotusLive). Times: Cold boot: 15 seconds Warm boo

Sametime Best Practices presenation from GRANITE

April 20 2009

Granite PSC Sametime Best Practices SymView more presentations from John Head. Sametime 8.X Best Practices presentation given by Luis Guirigay of PSC at the 4.20.2009 GRANITE (Chicago Lotus Notes User Group) meeting.

Lotusphere2009 Reflection - Products

January 27 2009

Some thoughts on the Lotus product line and their announcements at Lotusphere2009: Lotus Notes & Domino Lotusphere2009 was really the celebration of the 8.5 release. The OGS might have been anti-climatic since the product shipped the Jan 4th, 2009. The conference was all about 8.5, with DAOS, ID Vault, and XPages all over the sessions. We also saw LinkedIn integration coming in the client with a great sidebar app. Project Atlantic became Alloy, the joint project between SAP and IBM. We need to see more of these - official plug-ins or applications for integration or web 2.0 inclusion to the Notes & Domino product line. I was expecting more Lotus Protector announcements but those did not come, but we got the big shocker of the week - IBM was working to add ActiveSync support to Lotus Traveler in 2009. This is a big move for IBM, providing an ability to allow certain devices COUGH iphone COUGH to connect to the Domino server. It will be interesting to see how this works out

What is holding you back from building Notes, Sametime, and Symphony plug-ins with Eclipse & Expeditor?

August 4 2008

There has been some chatter out there about why we are seeing a trickle instead of a flood of plug-ins that work with Notes, Sametime, or Symphony. Besides the fact that they require knowledge of Java and development, what things are holding people back? I think if we could come up with a comprehensive list of suggestions and road blocks that we could communicate with IBM this is the time. I will post my issues and wish list as another post with a consolidated list from all of you. And please ... let's not make this a "Java is too hard" or "notes developers can't handle eclipse development" discussion. That issue is known but I want to offer constructive feedback on improvement not have the same discussion again.