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HTML5 Follow on thought ... and how it applies to Notes SQL

April 20 2010

So after I showed the amazing HTML 5 Presentation to Nathan Freeman, he said the following to me: 6:34:02 PM hrmm 6:34:08 PM I wonder... 6:34:15 PM the JS SQL API... 6:34:25 PM can you write a driver for the SQL backend? 6:34:36 PM John D Head im not sure 6:34:49 PM wouldn't that be interesting? 6:34:53 PM John D Head of course 6:35:00 PM cause then you could use SQL as a declarative syntax 6:35:06 PM would be a reason to revive NotesSQL Nathan of course was talking about Slide 8 - JS APIs : Web SQL Database. Go play with that slide. And then, assuming you are using Chrome, go look at what it did. Here is a screen shot: So we now have a local database in the browser that takes SQL commands. It seems to be installed by default with Google Chrome (not sure of other browsers, will need to check). What if we had a modern day Notes SQL driver that allowed a web app to talk to Domino via SQL. What if IBM Project Vulcan's web client could merge data in an NSF and data in a local