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OneNote vs. Evernote - no, make that OneNote AND Evernote

March 18 2014

Yesterday, Microsoft made quite a few announcements around OneNote. Here is a list of what is new: OneNote for the Mac OneNote is free! OneNote API and a bunch of apps - including IFTTT! OneNote email address Web Clipper OneNote Eye Lens for Windows phone - and I would love to see this on the iPhone That is a long list of stuff! This excites me. I use both OneNote and Evernote. Yes, both. Why? Great question. For work stuff, I mostly use OneNote. It connects to my ecosystem that I use daily like nothing else I have seen. Tied together with Outlook, Office, Sharepoint, and Lync. That connect is really powerful - but the real power is in the group sharing of notebooks. Using OneDrive or SharePoint, the power of group notebooks is amazing. PSC has teams using OneNote for our projects and the amount of data in there is out of control and head spinning. Yes, Evernote has the ability to share notebooks - but it requires everyone have a premium version. And I find the synching and team col