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Symphony Thursday: New & Updated Plug-ins on the Symphony Website

April 23 2009

The following are the new and updated plug-ins available for Lotus Symphony: Plug-In Name Updated Date Plug-in Category Description Document2Html plug-in for IBM Lotus Symphony Apr 15, 2009 File Conversion This plug-in is designed to convert Symphony supported document files into html format by batch. The supported format includes Open Document Text, Microsoft Word, Microsoft Rich Text Format, Text, Lotus Word Pro. Chart Sync plug-in for IBM Lotus Symphony Apr 15, 2009 Utilities The Lotus Symphony Chart Sync plug-in adds the capability of synchronizing charts which reside in spreadsheet document, presentation document and text document. When you create a chart in a spreadsheet document, you might want to make a copy of the chart in a presentation or a text document. This plug-in helps you to automatically synchronize the three charts when the original chart data changes in the spreadsheet document. Symphony Calculator plug-in for IBM Lotus Symphony Apr 15, 2009 Misc