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@IamLUG 2011 - The Never Ending Integration Story: How to Integrate Your Lotus Notes, Domino, and LotusLive applications with Microsoft Office, .NET, and Lotus Symphony

August 3 2011

This is the integration session I gave at IamLUG 2011 IamLUG 2011: The Never Ending Integration Story: How to Integrate Your Lotus Notes, Domino, and LotusLive applications with Microsoft Office, .NET, and Lotus SymphonyView more presentations from John Head. "The Integration Story started in 1994, with the first ways to combine Lotus Notes and Lotus Ami Pro to create custom applications. In 2011, the Integration story is still going strong. This session will start with the basics and ramp up in skill and capabilities. We will show how to integrate Lotus Notes, Lotus Domino, XPages, and LotusLive applications with the tools on your user’s machines: Microsoft Office, Microsoft .NET custom applications,, LibreOffice, Lotus Symphony, and more. We will look how the ODF and OOXML standards are changing the integration story and how they will impact you. You will walk out of the session with lots of sample code and extending your own integration story!"

Interview with IBM’s Doug Heintzman and Konrad Lagarde : IBM Project Vulcan, IBM Social Business Toolkit, Mobile, and ODF/ Interview

February 22 2011

Due to scheduling issues at Lotusphere 2011, I was not able to do some of my press interviews. I was offered the chance of a make-up interview with Doug Heintzman, Director, Lotus Strategy. During the interview, he brought in Konrad lagarde, who is working on the IBM Project Vulcan team and has direct experience with the IBM Social Business Toolkit. Here is my transcription of the interview with some commentary at the end. Project Vulcan and the IBM Social Business Toolkit JH: IBM Project Vulcan as a project vs. a deliverable. Can you help map the progression of Project Vulcan from what was seen at Lotusphere 2010 vs Lotusphere 2011: DH: IBM is making a lot of progress and the vision is quite bold. IBM is devolving a bunch of packages and applications into a group of discrete services. Added to this will be an aggregation service, sharebox service(s), analytic services, etc. There will also be a set of toolkits, which the IBM Social Business Toolkit is one of them. The goal is to

John Speaks 2008: Lotusphere 2008 Sessions

November 2 2007

Today the official emails went out for Lotusphere2008 Session abstract approvals. I do not see any statement where I can not announce these, so here we go :-) I have three sessions this year: Jumpstart: Introduction to IBM Lotus Notes and IBM Lotus Domino Integration with Desktop Applications (which includes Office, Symphony,, and some other things like BIRT) Best Practices: Integration of IBM Lotus Notes 8 with the IBM Lotus Symphony and Best Practices: IBM Lotus Notes 8 and IBM Lotus Expeditor Customization for LotusScript Developers (which will include Composite Applications, Sidebar, and Menu Plug-ins) I am excited to be joined by Alex Kassabov, Vice President of Collaboration, on the Jumpstart and the Expeditor Customization sessions. See you in Orlando in January!

Lotus Developer 2007 Demo Databases

June 12 2007

All of the demo databases from my 3 sessions at last week's Lotus Developer 2007 have been posted. Please find them at the links below: Unlock the Power of the Desktop with Microsoft Office/Lotus Notes Integration Give your Notes users functionality and capabilities that they depend on including: mail merge, charting, exporting, pdf generation, and reporting all within a familiar interface. This session will provide you with a solid introduction to working with Microsoft Office as well as different uses of the unique Office Integration capabilities available to Domino developers. Learn new techniques to organize Mail Merges for the Personal Name & Address Book, chart any view with a single click. For those that prefer to use supported applications in their environment, we will review products that provide Office Integration to easy reporting and document generation. In addition, leave this session equipped with a functioning Mail Merge Application, a charting of any Notes View ap

My Lotusphere 2007 sessions

November 9 2006

I just received word that I will be doing two sessions at Lotusphere 2007. They are: The Integration Revolution: Microsoft Office 2007 with IBM Lotus Notes and Domino Integration of OpenOffice and IBM Lotus Notes and Domino The Office 2007 session is all new content ... lots of Microsoft Project and Visual Studio Tools for Office SE stuff in there. The OpenOffice session will be a collaboration of myself and Alan Bell. We both are excited about new content and there is a surprise piece at the end ... I hope to share more about that before the conference! See you there!

Lotus Advisor Summit - SIL315 - Integrate OpenOffice with Lotus Notes/Domino

August 31 2006

SIL315 - Integrate OpenOffice with Lotus Notes/Domino With OpenOffice, you can give users word processing, spreadsheet, presentation applications, and more, for free! And, you can integrate OpenOffice with Lotus Notes and Domino for powerful productivity. In this session you'll begin with the basics. Then you'll look at LotusScript and Java techniques to include OpenOffice in your applications. You'll demystify the process of using OpenOffice API via COM. You'll take away examples of form building, mail merge, and charting. You'll also learn about IBM productivity applications and what the future might deliver. Slides Demo Files