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NELotus - Mobilize your XPages applications with the Mobile Controls

May 13 2012

Kathy Brown and I presented at the New England Lotus User Group last week. Here are the slides: NELotus - & XPages Mobile Controls View more presentations from John Head Thanks to NELotus for having us!

Honored to be elected to the new board, but with a change

October 17 2011 board, but with a change" border="0" src="" / As announced here, I was one of the nine member directors voted to the new Board of Directors for I will be serving for another two years. There is one slight change. I let the former BoD know that I would not seek placement at Intellectual Property Working Group Chairman. That role was something of a roller coaster. While the newly created OpenNTF, Inc. is the outcome of a combination of efforts, it was mostly done by Bruce Elgort and Peter Tanner. I was not able to spend the time needed to organize everything needed on the IP and corporate side. There were also a few too many IP issues that boiled up, and part of that reason is probably my reaction to them. So I am going to step back from that role and let someone new bring their talents to it. Looking forward to working with everyone on moving OpenNTF forward!

Yellow Day Release: Updated Contacts Experience

August 11 2010

In honor of Yellow Day, I am going to post a new version of the Contacts Experience. Here is what is new: - Support for Microsoft Office 2010 - Updates to Microsoft Office Label and Envelope Functionality - Started work on adding Label functionality - The beginnings of custom field functionality: The goal is to have custom templates that the user can select, but first we need custom fields. The first release just defines the basic fields and a way to customize them. More to come. I have also been working on the first release to support Symphony 3.X when it is embedded in Notes 8.5.2. While not coming on August 24th when Notes 8.5.2 ships, Symphony 3 will have an update toolkit for Notes. This will give us a bunch more functionality, including presentations and labels and envelopes. Enjoy Yellow Day!

Reminder: IP Working Group Open Call Tomorrow!

February 25 2010

The first quarterly call will be tomorrow, Friday, February 26th 2010 at 10 AM Eastern. The agenda is that I will present our goals and top tasks for 2010 and then open the floor to comments and questions to anyone on the call. To access the call in info, go here.

Announcing the Contacts Experience project!

November 18 2009

For those of you that have attended any of the integration sessions I have given this year (and years before), I have a demo database that has very specific feature demos for integration topics. I make sure the slides and demo numbers match the demo database. Attendees have told me they love the demo database because it is organized and each demo is self contained. So while I will not stop doing this demo database, I have wanted to do something a bit more usable for a while. So in an effort to rebuild the Integration and Symphony sessions at Lotusphere that I will be giving, we are going to take a new approach. So enters the Contacts Experience project. I have always wanted to extend the Contacts application with real world, usable features. I didn't got that route as the templates were not distributable (officially), but now they are. So for the Lotusphere sessions, we are going to build functionality that an end user can use AND highlight integration functionality. Advan Projects in 10 Minutes

September 28 2009

Niklas Heidloff created this great 10 minute video of 12 recent projects from Check it out! IP Working Group Update - Resolutions going to the Steering Commitee Tomorrow (based on all YOUR feedback)

July 15 2009

I just posted this in the IP Working Group Forum: So here are the slides that show all of the resolutions that I will be bringing up to the Steering Committee for voting tomorrow. I think we have made some amazing progress, but this is not the end by any means. Please feel free to contribute your ideas and thoughts - we can make more refinements and improvements as time goes on. Please - if there is something you don't see, please don't fret! The journey is just beginning! I want to thank everyone for sticking with this. I am super pleased on our progress and excited about the work we still have to do. Thank You! I have posted the exact slides I am going to be using for the voting process here - so there is no issue with transparency (thanks for the suggestions Declan!). IP Resolutions For Steering Committee Meeting 2009 07 16View more presentations from John Head.

Update on Technical Issues

June 29 2009

Here is the update I just made in the IP WG Forum: 1. fix login issues with Safari (this might be a webkit issue so it could effect Chrome as well) A fix was implemented to allow Webkit login (tested with both Safari 4 and the latest Chrome). Redirect from any page other than the homepage is not implemented. We want to fix this but went for the immediate fix that prevented login. 2. fix the time out issue on the XPages forums A fix was implemented this morning via a LPTA token setting. The time out is set for over 3 hours. Should only effect postings in process. 3. fix the CSS where stuff does not display correctly A fix was implemented so that no text is cut off. There are still some issues with the views not filling the width of the pages. We consider that a bug and will work to fix this, but wanted to fix the bug that was stopping Firefox users from reading text in place ASAP. Please test and confirm or report issues for each of these. I know there is a wishlist of features - Updates: Technical Issues, Proposed IP Resolution Discussion Extenstion

June 25 2009

I made two posts in the IP Working Group forum I wanted to make everyone aware of: Technical Issues we are working on Here is the current bug list: 1. fix login issues with Safari (this might be a webkit issue so it could effect Chrome as well) 2. fix the time out issue on the XPages forums 3. fix the CSS where stuff does not display correctly There are some feature requests like just showing top level topics, but those will come later. We are actively working on these three issues and will have them solved by Monday AM US time. We are even looking at backup plans to roll back the forum to domBulletin - whatever it takes to get the problems solved. I will update this thread as we have more information to communication. Thanks for you patience. IP Proposed Resolutions - Extending the Discussion Period I am going to extend the time period for discussion on the Proposed Resolutions and NOT bring them to the Steering Committee for vote on 7.2.2009. I will give everyone until the fo

Reality Check on the IP Discussion

June 24 2009

So in the past 60 hours, there has been a huge amount of debate, discussion, and even a bit of nasty sludge being thrown around after the IP Working Group Conference Call last week. I decided to stay out of the fray and have only answered questions about technical issues outside of the IP Working Group forum until now. I decided to write this blog so people knew exactly what I was thinking and feeling around this. Hopefully an open revelation will help settle some of the issues and fears. 1. The IP Working Group Forum Technical Issues So let's get this out of the way. Yes, the new XPages forum design is having technical issues on for the General Forum as well as the Working Group forums. This sucks. We have time out issues, display issues, and more. It looks like Safari has login issues as well with the site, which has nothing to do with the XPages forum design. These issues frustrate me as much as anyone else reading or commenting - I am basically living in that forum r

Update on the IP Working Group

June 22 2009

An update for all that is going on in the IP Working Group for First, last Thursday, the Steering Committee passed four resolutions. Two of them were correcting language on the site that was incorrect. We also appointed Peter Tanner, IBM, as the IP Manager for Last, we passed some language that protects when external urls (such as Twitter or YouTube) and assets are used within components. We also had our first IP WG conference call. IP Working Group Meeting 6.18.2009View more Microsoft Word documents from John Head. If you listen to the slidecast there on Slideshare, you will get the audio of the call as well. I have not done the slide timing yet - will try to get to that one evening this week. I think it was a great call, but I would like to get feedback on that. The copyright education process started and we covered quite a few topics. Yes, I know, people want to talk about licensing - and we will do that in July. I have placed a

Announcement: IP Working Group Conference Call - Friday, June 19th, 2009 - 10 AM EDT

June 16 2009

The IP Working Group will be having a conference call to present our initial thoughts on the following topics: 1. Copyright Education 2. Company Alliance Membership 3. Employee Copyright Waivers 4. Repository Workflow Anyone who is eligible for the IP Working Group may attend. That includes all members of the Steering Committee and anyone who is a Project Chef. For web conference and dial-in information, please visit this post (you must log in to to read this) A second on-line meeting will cover the licensing discussion. IP and Governance Working Group Annoucements - Discussion Open and Scheduled Presentation and Discussion

June 2 2009

Two announcements around the IP and Governance Working Group this morning. First, the IP and Governance Working Group discussion is now open for business. I have created some entries in there, including this overview: I would like to thank everyone up-front for participating in the IP Working Group. This working group is made up of members of the steering committee and anyone who is a project owner. Anyone can read this forum, but we will limit participation to the group (note: for the time being, anyone can contribute in the forum until allows for limiting these areas. That will happen in the near future). Currently, there are two officers for the IP Working Group: John Head - Steering Committee Member and IP Working Group Chairmen - PSC Group, LLC Peter Tanner - Legal Administrator - IBM We will add more roles to the Working Group as the Steering Committee defines more structure around the Working Groups. With the launch of the IP Intellectual Property (IP) Working Group has been formed UPDATED

May 25 2009

Now that a short version of the meeting minutes from the first Steering Committee meeting have been posted, I can talk a bit about this. I have been elected to be the chair of the working group - but what does that mean? So a couple of quick explanations. Work Groups are created by the Steering Committee so that topics can be discussed. The Working Group will then bring resolutions to the Steering Committee for a vote. If the vote passes, the Technical Committee will be asked to implement the resolution or whatever action needs to take place if it is not a technical item. We have two working groups right now - Intellectual Property (IP) and Strategy. There will be a blog post about what the IP Working Group is going to cover first - and how - on the blog later this week - but expect a conference call with presentation sometime the week of June 1st. As you can see in the brief meeting minutes, anyone who is a registered user of has contributed to

Finding the silver lining in every black cloud - and why the Anonymous Coward has no place

May 13 2009

It has been a fairly interesting week in my world - and I want to highlight 3 events and two threads that tie them together. Those events are: 1. The closing of 3D Realms and what seems to be the end of the line for Duke Nukem Forever (4) 2. The Office 2007 Service Pack 2 inclusion of Open Document Format (ODF) support and the fallout surrounding 3. The relaunch of and the reaction in the Lotus bubble You might look at those three things and wonder what could ever tie them together. Funny, I found two consistent thoughts that came into my head as I read various sites and comment threads about all three. When did we all decide everything was negative? So those reading the blog subject might see the reference to a highly anticipated album, but it really is a thought that has been in my head lately. No matter the issue or topic, it seems that most people start out looking for what is wrong. How this will impact me negatively. What can I do to find fault and then poin