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My retirement starts today

October 2 2014

As of 10 am today, I am officially no longer part of the elected Board of Directors. It’s the first time since the rebirth of in 2009 and elected officers that I am no longer participating. I made the decision a year ago to retire and it was the right call. I will miss and working with it actively, but I knew it was time to do something new. I have been really active with STEM in Chicago and a non-profit called Lumity, and I have to pick where I spend my time. is a passion for me. Something I truly believed in and was always happy to provide time for. I remember vividly when Bruce asked me for PSC to host the server. Mark Roden sits next to it every day in Schaumburg – I find it fitting that one of the leaders of the new Modern application movement in the ICS community sits next to one of the catalysts of that community from 2002. There is a lot of history with Watching Bruce and Nathan stir the pot. People comin

The day a ’server’ showed up on my desk ... #thanksbruce

October 2 2013

It was many years ago (sometime in 2002) to be exact, when a big box arrived via UPS. What was in it? This is the original 'server' that the website lived on for many years until more hardware was added. Today, the website is many servers at host Prominic. I will always remember being one of the second tier of supporters, including Vince and many others. Bruce is retiring his position as director today. I think his election by the community as director says far more than his election as chair by the other directors. It's time for new blood and others in the community to step up. Bruce's commitment to and the community built around 'Lotus' is one of the strongest out there. Change is healthy, and I know Bruce is looking forward to the new journey he has undertaken. I know Bruce will do well - he knows nothing else. #thanksbruce

Lotusphere 2012 - Speedgeeking : Celebrating 10 years of community driven open source

January 22 2012 Celebrating 10 years of community driven open source (Speedgeeking - Lotusphere2012)View more presentations from John Head.

Interesting Thought: Today I realized how far has come in a year

April 14 2010

Today while on the Notes/Domino Design Partner call, I realized just how far has come since IBM got involved and the Alliance was formed. I can't talk about what specifically IBM showed, but there are two great tools coming to shortly. It's not what they are that matters, its why they are going on Before this past year, if IBM wanted to get something into the hands of the community, it had to go on Notes.Net or LDD or devWorks. That took time and there was lots of red tape. Now, with, once an attorney approves something, it can be made available for download and use. IBM can quickly prototype and try stuff out outside of the Notes/Domino release cycle. Heck, even the Quickr and Alloy teams are using it. Then, after seeing how popular it is and gathering feedback, they can decide to invest and include it in the box in a future version. This is great for IBM and for us. It pleases me to see IBM embrace as well as they have. A

OpenNTF Contacts Experience 8.5.1 V1 is available for download!

April 13 2010

You can get it here. For those curious, here is the Design Element listing of what is New and Updated from the default Contacts (pernames.ntf) template:

OpenNTF Contacts Experience Version 1.0 is coming ... and here is some proof!

April 12 2010

I swear, it's coming "Real Soon Now" ... Version 1.0 is just in final testing. And here is a preview of some of the features: Version 1.0 will be released here this week. I promise! :-) We won't be submitting this release to the catalog, we want to get some of the "Coming Soon" features done first. IP Working Group Quarterly Call Scheduled for 2/26/2010

February 15 2010

In response to suggestions at Lotusphere 2010 was to have a more open discussion with the working groups. The IP Working Group, which I am the chair for, is going to have a quarterly call open to all members (membership requirement is that you have an registration to access the forum - that is it!). The first quarterly call will be on Friday, February 26th 2010 at 10 AM Eastern. The agenda is that I will present our goals and top tasks for 2010 and then open the floor to comments and questions to anyone on the call. To access the call in info, go here. The Strategy Working Group is having their first all member call on Thursday, Feb 18, 2010 at 10am ET. You can get the call in information here. relaunches, PSC named to the initial steering commitee

May 12 2009

I am happy to announce that PSC has been asked to be part of the initial steering committee for the newly relaunched site. As you all know, IBM is taking a much larger role in - a good thing and something we all wanted to happen years ago. To make sure this is not something where IBM has all the control, they have created a 9 member steering committee. One one of those members is IBM. I think this is a great place to start helping grow and become the center of the Lotus development community. Dusseldorf, Germany 12 May, 2009: Deutsche Notes User Group (DNUG) – OpenNTF, an open consortium of developers that provide templates and applications for the IBM Notes and Domino Platform announced the transformation of the OpenNTF to open source licensing and its new governing steering committee. OpenNTF is a development community devoted to getting groups of individuals all over the world to collaborate on Lotus Notes/Domino applications and release the