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Microsoft OneNote might be the coolest application ever

July 8 2008

In the past couple weeks, I have done quite a bit more note taking vs coding. I have tried to play with software like MindMapper but what I need is a way to take notes, organize them, and work with them. I need it in a way I can type and outline fast. Nothing fancy or graphical. Up to a couple weeks ago, I did this either on paper (notepads and cards) or in my Notes journal. After playing with Microsoft OneNote a bit last year, I really pushed myself to use it the past month. Woah. Talk about a change in productivity. I do not have a Tablet PC, so I am not using a pen to take Notes. Just typing ... which I am a pretty good typist. The pure note taking part of OneNote is great. I can organize my notes in an outline format, just like I was creating an outline in Word or PowerPoint. I so wish Notes had this level of outlining support. But how I store those notes is the real power. The "Notepad" storage mechanism allows me to organize at the top level. I have one for Clients, Projects, a