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Making the connection in a social media world - when and how do you do it?

April 28 2010

I had an interesting discussion with a co-worker yesterday and I wanted to bring the thoughts it generated to the blog for discussion. Background: My co-worker and I had a meeting with someone who could become a potential customer down the road. This was my first time meeting this person and second for my colleague. As we left the meeting, we talked about the follow-up. My initial reaction was to reach out in an email and send a LinkedIN invitation to create that first professional network connection. My co-workers reaction was not to make the LinkedIN connection. That was to be done later as you got to know each other better. There is a 10 year difference between us, but both of us are active in networking, both in person and on-line. I have this blog, my co-worker does not. We both use LinkedIN quite a bit. He has a Twitter account, but I am far more active. Facebook is something I also use far more heavily. We both use Slideshare quite a bit. So I started thinking about how I co

Are you a Lotus Professional in the Chicagoland Area? If so, join the new LinkedIn Group

November 12 2008

If you are a Lotus Professional in the greater Chicagoland area, please join the new LinkedIn group created just for us! Administrator, Developer, User, IBMer ... everyone is invited to join! Special thanks to Nathan Freeman for the cool graphic

Executives Club of Chicago - New Leaders Circle - An Evening with Bill Doyle

October 3 2007

As part of my personal goal of doing more networking and pushing myself more into the executive side of the technology world, I am attending a few new organization's events. One of them is the Executive's Club of Chicago. The ECC has a young leaders program, called the New Leaders Circle. They have 5 development events a year that focuses on topics that effect the new leader. Last night, on 10/2/2007, I attended the 2007/2008 season's first event. The event was a forum with Bill Doyle, Chairman and CEO of PotashCorp. Mr Doyle spoke about his rise from Sales Trainee to CEO inside PotashCorp. I found him to be very open, sincere, and engaging. He shared lots of good information and told a couple great stories. Below is a few of the things that stood out for me: "It is not about the destination, it is entirely about the journey" - love this quote ... Meritocracy is the only way to run a company and grow leaders - let people earn their promotions by their skills and their actions, not