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Are you ready for some football! Want some fantasy with it?

September 11 2011

So the first Sunday of the NFL season is upon us, and it's time for the Chicago Bears to kick ass again ... um ... yeah, we shall see. Anyways, the best time of the year is American Football season. What makes it extra special is fantasy football. I play in a few leagues, but PSC has a new group this year. Looks to be fun. Here is my team: I am hoping some of those former #illini players step up and tun in some extra special performances (and hence, point totals) this year!

Congratulations to the New Orleans Saints and Illini alum Pierre Thomas

February 8 2010

I would like to congratulate the New Orleans Saints on their Super Bowl 44 win. To the team, organization, fans, and city - enjoy and celebrate. Oh wait, it's Mardi Gras time - you are already celebrating. Just keep it going :-) A special congratulations to Pierre Thomas, the running back who scored two touchdowns. I got to see Pierre play 2 seasons with the University of Illinois Fighting Illini. He was overshadowed by Reshard Mendenhall at school, but man has he come on strong in the NFL. Pierre was not drafted. He earned that spot. And I think he is the best back on the Saints. Here is a great tribute video to both Pierre Thomas and Kelvin Hayden of the Colts, another former Illini. Sean Payton, head coach of the Saints, Saints special teams coach Greg McMahon, Saints assistant special teams coach Mike Mallory all served as assistant coaches at Illinois as well. Congrats to them.

Fantasy Football 2008 - A look back

January 4 2009

As we watch the first round of the NFL playoffs this weekend, I figured I would look back at my 2008 year of Fantasy Football. I was in three leagues and had various levels of success. First, there is the PSC League: 5 wins and 8 losses is not a good record. I got hit hard by drafting Tom Brady round 1 and never had a good QB all season. And then the friend's league that has been around for years (I call this my money league it is the one league I put real money into): 8 wins and 8 losses is .500 but I usually do better. I also drafted Tom Brady in my first round (had the first overall pick of the draft) and I got hurt hard on running backs - Willie Parker and Stephen Jackson. Just not my year. Last, in the Geezer Gamer Brigade league, run by John "Greyhawk64" Roling: But that only shows you the final standing, not the results of the playoff ... Yes, I won the GGBFL SuperBowl, beating Declan Lynch. Declan did well to get into the SuperBowl, but this team was a bit

Are you ready for some football? NFL 2008 season starts today

September 4 2008

So the NFL American Footballs season officially starts today. Over all other sports, football is by far my favorite. I love high school football because it is the most pure. I root for the Chicago Bears because they are my team. But fantasy football is what I love most. I am in three fantasy football leagues this year. Here is the breakdown for each. In the PSC League (I had the second pick), my team is: In the Geezer Gamer Brigade (this is John Roling's league, with myself, Declan Lynch, Rocky Oliver, Sean Burgess, and Jimmy Minata of PSC) looks like this: and no matter how well I do, Pink Fluffy Bunny Slippers will be crafted this year .. down with all pink and fluffy bunnies. Last is my 'money' league. I have been in the SmabFL league since the first year sportsline was around. This is a keeper league .. and I was in last place this past year. So I got first pick in this draft. Here is that team: Should be a fun year! Go Bears! And good luck to my team the Starfishes in