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To all the DDE on Mac supporters, a few thoughts

February 15 2011

So there seems to be a meme today for the Lotus bubble to ask IBM to make Domino Designer on Eclipse (DDE) work on the Apple Mac OS. I have no horse in this fight, but a few thoughts. 1. Be exact in what you are asking for Are you really asking for DDE to come to the Mac OS? The entire thing? Or are you OK with an XPages only IDE for the Mac? Think long and hard about what your asking for and be very specific. Being too generic and broad in the request will likely prevent this from happening. Why? Because DDE or Designer didn't come to any platform in a single release given all the current features. Create a DDE on Mac 1.0 feature and requirement list. Can you live with English only on an English only Mac OS release? Only the latest 10.X instead of support for all current supported Mac OS versions? Be surgical in what your willing to have come in a later version. 2. Do you really know what it takes for DDE to come to the Mac? Has anyone done the work to figure out what the effort e

Interesting Thought: Why should Adobe keep releasing Creative Suite for the Mac?

April 12 2010

(Note to the reader: I am starting a new "Interesting Thought" blog type. These are mostly quick thoughts I want to get out there for discussion but feel that Twitter and Facebook make the discussion difficult. Enjoy) Interesting Thought: With what seems to be a permanent desire to not support flash on the Apple mobile (iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad) platform, going all the way up to Steve Jobs himself, why would Adobe not decide to cease supporting OS X Operating System for it's Creative Suite? Creative Suite is just as good on the PC (so I am told, I have not used it on either platform for about 2 years). Why focus on a platform where the company is not willing to work with you on other areas? And frankly, CS is one of the top three reasons people purchase Mac desktops these days (video editing, music recording and processing, and desktop publishing being the top three uses of the Mac desktops) - would it put pressure on Apple to work with Adobe? Yes, I know, its reactionary and negati

Download Lotus Symphony 1.2 for the Mac

November 3 2008

You can download the Lotus Symphony 1.2 for Mac beta from here right now