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Blogging from Enterprise 2.0: Lotus Knows Social Computing Session

June 16 2010

Here is my twitter stream (laptop battery was struggling) from the session that Kevin Cavanaugh and Chris Crummey gave yesterday at Enterprise 2.0: in the IBM #lotusknows session at #e2conf with @lbenitez @edbrill @elsua and many more oh @ccrummey on stage with @kevincavanaugh at IBM #lotusknows session at #e2conf @ccrummey is demoing Lotus Symphony 3 Beta 3 at #e2conf - showing off Live Text with @edbrill name - searching connections profiles @ccrummey showing off an IBM templates addin for Lotus Symphony 3 - why this isnt public I have no idea! #lotusknows #e2conf #lotusknows that @ccrummey is showing off Project "Concord" live - first I have seen since Lotusphere2010 #e2conf IBM Project Concord looks great - except for 3 rows of toolbars. edit the UI please :-) IBM Project Concord is about collaborative editing - its not just another web based document editor #e2conf #lotusknows IBM Project Concord has sections that can be assigned and co-authored #e2conf #lotusknows RT lbenitez

See me (and other Lotus Business Partners) in a great Lotus Knows video

February 8 2010

I had the chance to record some thoughts on how PSC uses Lotus technology at a Lotus event last fall. Here are the results: I hate seeing myself on video, but that is a great video :-)

Thoughts on LoLA and #LotusKnows

September 27 2009

I haven't been able to write much about the events of LoLA and "Lotus Knows" last week as I had wanted too. The Lotus Leadership Alliance (LoLA) event was an great change for Lotus to interact with it's top customers and partners. What is different between Lotusphere and LoLA is that the gloves come off. Customers present to IBM on what they can do better. IBM takes time to meet with it's partners in one on one meetings. Exchange of ideas and suggestions is encouraged. No media to impress. No flash. Just hard core discussions and sharing of what everyone can do between now and Lotusphere. For me, I spent most of my time outside of the presentations given on the products and their futures. I spent my time talking with fellow partners, customers, and IBMers in the hallways. Some great discussions - and lots of time bantering back and forth with Nathan. We even came up with a killer idea for a Lotusphere submission. LoLA also was the official kick-off of the "Lotus Knows" campaign. Se

LotusKnows Day!

September 22 2009

Today is Lotusknows day as the Lotusknows campaign begins in full force. There will be some announcements today coming from the Lotus Leadership Alliance conference in Cambridge, MA. IBM is asking that everyone participate - by using #Lotusknows on the social networks to spread what Lotus really does know. More later.

Lotus Knows Marketing - Some Personal Thoughts and a Challenge

August 17 2009

You can read all about the blogger briefing this morning here, but I wanted to share some personal thoughts on this. We all know that marketing is the dirty word in the Lotus community. Partners fret over it all the time - many have blogged about it in all forms. Rational and completely irrational. Customers wonder why there is no marketing to back up their decision. And IBM always answered with IBM brand and messaging focused advertising. Like Smart Planet. The Lotus community, or the "Lotus Loyals" as IBM calls us, just shook their head and laughed. But this time, IBM is answering. Kristen Lauria and her marketing team have created the first Lotus branded campaign that I can remember since the R5 days of "I am Superman" ads. It is telling when the campaign is yellow and black - and the IBM logo and masthead on the website is not the focal point. This is also not a "one quarter and done" type of effort. IBM is talking about 24 months of effort - unheard of for the Lotus brand since

Lotus Knows Campaign - Blogger Briefing

August 17 2009

Kristen Lauria - VP of Marketing, IBM Lotus and Ed Brill hosted a call for the Lotus bloggers to brief us in the upcoming "Lotus Knows" marketing campaign and jam. Here are my notes: Overview Campaign - 24 month marketing campaign targeting the influential end-user audience to broaden and deepen enthusiasm for Lotus collaboration technology. Inside out approach - tapping into the energy in the Lotus community to generate real content and excitement at campaign launch. Use the "Lotus Loyal" and partners to spread the message to installed end-users and then end-user prospects. Experience matters - awareness elements will reach target audience where they spend their time and drive them to a web site where they can use the technology and share thoughts Extend reach - 360 degree campaign leading with air cover to build preference from end-users Global campaign - creative media beginning in NA, social media extending worldwide, potential media expansion into select markets "This is the ne