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Ephox pickes PSC to implement EditLive! in Lotus Quickr for Domino

August 5 2008

One of the questions I get from customers and prospects is "We know PSC does quite a bit of Notes and Domino consulting, but do you do any Lotus Quickr work?" The answer is "Yes" we just do not communicate that as well. What makes it hard is most of the work we do is specific customizations for companies looking to implement Lotus Quickr into their business process - it is often hard to get permission to talk or post about that work. So I am excited to be able to reveal that Ephox, the company behind the best-in-class rich text editor EditLive!, selected PSC to help them implement EditLive! within Lotus Quickr for Domino. Here are some screen shots: As you can see, we completely replace the Dojo editor that is native with Lotus Quickr and replace it with the EditLive editor. You get things like in-place spell checking, track changes mode, advanced tables, and drag-and-drop importing from Microsoft Word. When the implementation is complete, we will have the custom buttons that

Lotusphere2007 - Day 1

January 22 2007

Today started out with a nice breakfast uniting the faces of the PSC bloggers and some of our staff at Lotusphere. Ed Brill , Alan of Alan Lepofsky's Notes Tips , Adam Gartenberg - Sametime, Jeff Eisen , Rob Ingram ( Domino Server Team ), and Chris Pepin were very gracious to take some time out to say thank you for the web hosting we provide. We chatted about the Sunday night Party, the info that Ed had already posted, Second Life, and some general stuff like how cool the big video board for the OGS is. Oh, and some chatter about our new blogger. :) As 7:45 drew near, we all rushed to the OGS. The Opening General Session was a good one. Neil Armstrong was amazing. The band was a nice fun addition. We heard a lot about Notes 8, Sametime 7.5 (and 7.5.1), Lotus Connections ("Ventura"), Lotus Quickr ("Geneva") and Websphere Portal. You will be able to watch the OGS in Second Life tomorrow, so I will not go into details. My reactions are a bit skewed. I have been using Notes and Domi