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Time for another review ... Liquid Tension Experiment - Chicago 6.26.2008

June 26 2008

Liquid Tension Experiment brought their 10 anniversary reunion tour to Chicago on 6.26.2008 - last night. This is one of those concerts I have been waiting for a long time ... they only did a handful of shows when they released their 2 jam releases. I have seen Dream Theater many times, and Iron Maiden did a great show this year, but I would have given up both just to see LTE. The show starts. The for guys, Mike Portnoy, John Petrucci, Jordan Rudess, and Tony Levin, start jamming. They play about 60 minutes. They ripped out some killer LTE tunes, such as: Acid Rain Kindred Spirits Another Dimension Paradigm Shift Freedom of Speech Universal Mind John and Jordan did something from their "An Evening With ..." CD and we got something I did not know. All of a sudden, Jordan stops playing his keyboard. He walks over to Mike, says something, and then heads off stage. Mike goes on to tell us Jordan is having keyboard problems. So Mike, John, and Tony start jamming. And jammin