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Interview with IBM’s Doug Heintzman and Konrad Lagarde : IBM Project Vulcan, IBM Social Business Toolkit, Mobile, and ODF/ Interview

February 22 2011

Due to scheduling issues at Lotusphere 2011, I was not able to do some of my press interviews. I was offered the chance of a make-up interview with Doug Heintzman, Director, Lotus Strategy. During the interview, he brought in Konrad lagarde, who is working on the IBM Project Vulcan team and has direct experience with the IBM Social Business Toolkit. Here is my transcription of the interview with some commentary at the end. Project Vulcan and the IBM Social Business Toolkit JH: IBM Project Vulcan as a project vs. a deliverable. Can you help map the progression of Project Vulcan from what was seen at Lotusphere 2010 vs Lotusphere 2011: DH: IBM is making a lot of progress and the vision is quite bold. IBM is devolving a bunch of packages and applications into a group of discrete services. Added to this will be an aggregation service, sharebox service(s), analytic services, etc. There will also be a set of toolkits, which the IBM Social Business Toolkit is one of them. The goal is to

Follow the Product Managers and Executives on Twitter - this is for Marie and Stuart :-)

February 7 2011

Before and during Lotusphere 2011, there have been some discussions about how to engage with the IBM Lotus Executives and Product Managers outside of the stage and event. There has been some discussion on if this is needed, and I get Ed's point, but it is always good to engage with folks on a regular basis. I thought it was very interesting that the IBM executives new to the social software team (i.e. Lotus) , Sandy Carter and Nigel Beck ( I love how his url directs to his page ), are both very active in social media with their own personal brands. You can even use Tungle with Nigel - the first IBM VP I have seen do that. So to facilitate this interaction, and in Marie and Stuart's honor, I have created two public Twitter lists. IBM Lotus Ask the Product Managers: A list for any IBMer who is a Product Manager in the Lotus space IBM Lotus Executives: A list for anyone on the management team in the Lotus space These are meant to grow over time, so please let me know if we

Where was Project Vulcan? Say Hello to the IBM Social Business Toolkit

January 31 2011

Rich asks where was Project Vulcan in the Lotusphere 2011 OGS today? It was there, but you had to be really paying attention to the Project Vulcan evolution in 2010 to add it up. At Lotusphere 2010, we got the introduction of IBM Project Vulcan, a roadman or blueprint to adding new social features to the portfolio. And as the year progressed, Alistair talked about how IBM was going to ship a first version of the IBM Project Vulcan toolkit in 2010 and make it available to partners. They did that ... but today it is finally publically available. Go here to download it. Go here to see the wiki explaining all of the pieces. Activity Streams? Check. Sharebox? Check. One UI V3? Check. OAuth support? Yep. Here is the rub. In the transition of blue print to deliverable, IBM changed the name. It is now called the IBM Social Business Toolkit. I actually like the name, but there was no proper transition from IBM Project Vulcan to the new name. I think the main reason for that is IBM Project V

Lotusphere 2011: Domino Applications Coming to the IBM Cloud

January 31 2011

One of the major announcements from IBM this week is that in 2011, IBM will add support for hosted Domino applications to the LotusLive. Ed blogged about the announcement that was covered in the OGS and his session this afternoon. Let's cover some highlights: Public or Private Access 3 Licensing models: free developer or test deployments, bring-your-own-license or pay-as-you-go licensing for production deployments. Flexibility to have pay-as-you-go licensing in as little as hourly increments Amazon's Elasticompute will get updated with updated images, credit car payment options and improved activation IBM Lotus Domino Utility Server for LotusLive with support for the IBM Cloud and Amazon I think it is important to notice that the mention of hosted apps is on the IBM Cloud, not LotusLive servers. While Notes client will have single sign-on because of the PKI, it will be interesting to see that if web applications launch with SSO or we need to wait for a SAML implementation. I think t

A shout out to some amazing coworkers at PSC

January 31 2011

I must take a moment from all of the Lotusphere 2011 craziness to thank some people at PSC who went out of their way to help Alex and I with our session demos yesterday. We do so many demos in our sessions (this year we did 26) that we ask the team back at PSC to help out. Since our integration demos reach across our IBM Lotus and Microsoft practices, there are a bunch of people to thank: Eric M. Andy S. Wil H. Tim M. Jimmy M. Andrew B. Rick P. Eric, Andy, and Wil spent hours and hours up until the session Sunday helping us get all of the advanced ODF and OOXML demos with .NET / C# and XPages. Tim and Jimmy worked on some of the demos we updated for this year. and Andrew and Rick supported their teams when Alex and I asked for help. I can not thank everyone on the team above enough. Alex and I need to do something special for Eric, Andy, and Wil - but I wanted to publically recognize all of them. Thanks guys!

Lotusphere 2011: Opening General Session

January 31 2011

Musical Guest: MASS Ensamble Guest Speaker: Kevin Spacey Alistair Renne - Get Social. Do Business. Profound shift in how enterprises drive value. Cusp of a new ear of a relationship of business and technology. Social Business Transformation - 2011 opportunity Innovate. Outperform. Thrive. Leading Social Business - BASF, CSC, KBC, AT&T, AFL, BC&BS of MASS, RBC, State Street .... exchange migrations count ... Leveraging Social Software for Business Result Capitalizing on Complexity - Creative Leadership - Mobilize for speed - Collective intelligence Technology Shifts - Mainframe - Departmental - PCs - Internet - Social early predictions always underestimate the size of the impact Social Software - A decade of research and development Social Businesses - Characteristics that make them successful - Engaged - Transparent - Nimble More Successful Lotus Community - it's about the people stupid Think in terms of Outcomes Define the playing field - Social Business Framewor


January 30 2011

In our Lotusphere Session today, Alex Kassabov and myself announced a new PSC website that will be going live in the middle of Feburary. I started talking publically about integration topics in 1996 at Lotusphere. That message has been delivered for the past 15 years at Lotusphere, Advisor, View, and LUGs all over the world. It started with integration of Lotus Notes with Lotus SmartSuite. We added Microsoft Office integration in 2000 and and Lotus Symphony in the past 6 years. Alex joined me in 2003 at the sessions, but we always find a gap between conferences and articles. So what we are going to do is launch the site and record all of our existing demos over the past 15 years. Each demo will have a video, files to download, and a discussion area. That will take us to about 50 demos. And then the fun begins. We are going to put together demonstrations of integration that extend past the topics we can fit in a hour session or two hour jumpstart. XPages and Salesforce

JMP208 The Never Ending Integration Story: How to Integrate Your Lotus Notes, Domino, and LotusLive applications with Microsoft Office, .NET, and Lotus Symphony

January 30 2011

JMP208 The Never Ending Integration Story: How to Integrate Your Lotus Notes, Domino, and LotusLive applications with Microsoft Office, .NET, and Lotus SymphonyView more presentations from John Head. Downloads coming shortly

In the immortal words of the Joker ... And here we go

January 30 2011

Lotusphere 2011 is upon us. The lead up to the event is always a whirlwind. But here is Sunday morning and Business Development Day is upon us. This afternoon, Alex and I present. After that - I get to enjoy the show, write a lot of blog entries, and more. I will have a couple of announcements on my blog tomorrow coming from our session today. But here is a preview: and yes, that is an XPage! I want to take this time to thank the amazing team at PSC for helping Alex and myself. Wil, Andy, Jimmy, Andrew, Rick, Tim, and the fearless leader of our help team Eric. Thanks to all of you for helping make our session demos something special this year.

Going to Lotusphere 2011? Use Social Networks (Twitter, Facebook, etc.)? Please read

January 24 2011

So the holidays are over. The sports games are mostly done for the next two weeks. And as many of the readers of this blog prepare for the warmth of Orlando and Lotusphere 2011, I have a request. Please, pretty please - go to Twitter, Facebook, FourSquare, Gowalla, and anything else that assigns your account with a picture - and please put a picture of your face as your avatar. Not a group shot. Not of your kids. Of you. And something fairly recent - or something that looks like you. This way, when people see each other, they can connect the on-line personality with the real life person in front of them. You can change them on Friday, February 4th to anything you want. But for a week or so, please - make the avatar a picture of you. Many thanks.

Please pardon the silence ... but Lotusphere 2011 planning is taking place

January 23 2011

With a new year to plan and a whole slew of client stuff plus planning for Lotusphere, my apologies for the blog silence. I have some stuff for this week but expect the following week to be very busy!

PSC at Lotusphere 2011 : Health Check Best Practices, Integration in 2011, and David Via and I talk XPages for the Executives

December 3 2010

Yesterday was the day where session acceptances were sent out for Lotusphere 2011 and PSC has three presentations at the conference. Luis talked about his on Domino Health Check Best Practices. Luis, along with Alex, do the hands on work on our health checks and has a wealth of info to share. We do quite a few health checks so this is a session we are very excited to see get accepted. Alex and I return to Sunday Jumpstarts with "The Never Ending Integration Story: How to Integrate Your Lotus Notes, Domino, and LotusLive applications with Microsoft Office, .NET, and Lotus Symphony" The abstract: The Integration Story started in 1994, with the first ways to combine Lotus Notes and Lotus Ami Pro to create custom applications. In 2011, the Integration story is still going strong. This session will start with the basics and ramp up in skill and capabilities. We will show how to integrate Lotus Notes, Lotus Domino, XPages, and LotusLive applications with the tools on your user’s machines: